class of 2023

  1. E

    Modern History 2023 Predictions???

    What do we think this years questions will be? Especially power and authority?! I’m thinking Economic transformation for USSR will probably come up
  2. tamdz

    How does early entry work?

    i did pretty good in year 11 and i was wondering: - who's eligible to apply? - when do i apply? - how do i apply? - what unis can i apply to? - what course can i apply to? thanks. anyone who responds informatively will be rewarded greatly
  3. S

    What Subject Should I Drop?

    Im not sure on what subject to drop. My overall grades for year 11 in the following subjects as follows Business Studies - 88% Advanced Math - 86% 13th/50 Extension 1 English 84% 3rd/6 Advanced English - 83% PDHPE - 83% Biology - 81% 5th/50 Chemistry - 76% 11th/22 The chemistry yearly marks...
  4. iceecrream

    Modern history, legal studies, business studies or biology?

    Modern history, legal studies, business studies or biology? I'm going into Year 11 this year and I'm going to be doing Extension English, Extension Math, Chemistry and Physics but I need another subject to make it 12 units altogether as it is required by the school. I'm much better at applying...