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  1. niecoups

    subject selection advice needed :’)

    hello! Im a year 10 who currently needs to be considering their subject selections and I really just have a vague idea of what I want to do but I’m really clueless in general of what is good and what is bad and all the technical stuff like being able to do a 1 unit subject, subject dropping...
  2. N

    Ace Economics with a Rank 1 Band 6 Tutor! Expert Guidance and Top-Tier Resources Included

    Need help with Economics? I'm a 2021 Rank 1 Band 6 Economics graduate, offering private tutoring with a focus on understanding and mastering the subject. I have a wealth of notes, questions from top tutoring companies, and comprehensive essays to share. I offer a free trial for the first...
  3. E

    BIOLOGY V ECONOMICS (subject selection)

    Hi, I am in year 10 and going to pick out my subjects. My idea of what I want to do after school is probs medicine, so I need a high ATAR. Here are my subjects : - Ex1 Math / I am pretty good at math and maybe plan on doing x2 - Ex1 Eng / Not really that good at english, alright at it but...
  4. E

    Can I do economics for HSC if I haven't done any commerce in years 9/10

    I am in year 10 currently. I feel like when I chose my electives I just chose the ones I thought would be fun or the ones that my friends were doing. Looking back, that was kind of a dumb move. I need 12 units for my HSC. Right now, I want to do 3u math, 3u english, chem, bio. I need 2 more...
  5. B

    99.50 ATAR (6 years experience) English, Eco & Bus. Studies Tutor

    Hey all! My name is Rohan Bhatia - I’m a current Doctor of Medicine student at The University of Sydney and graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.50. Since then, I have built 6 years of tutoring experience teaching over 50 students in both private and group environments. My HSC marks are as...
  6. tamdz

    Selling cheap, detailed economics notes

    Credentials: 97.00 ATAR 93 internal, 95 external for HSC Economics (2023) Rank 2 in Sydney Technical High School (top 10 school for HSC Economics) (to verify band 6 search for Tahmeed Zakir) Topic 1 - $7.50 (56 pages) (Case study is China) Topic 2 - $7.50 (54 pages) Topic 3 - $10 (88 pages)...
  7. Huntress_Waffle


    I got in Eco/Law double at UTS via early entry. I was going to just go ahead with it, but my parents say I should do Eco at USYD then transfer to eco/law 2nd year. I don’t really think there’s much point to that because I know some UTS law graduates who still end up going to top-tier law firms...
  8. trenboloneacetate

    Trial papers

    Can anyone send me 2023 economics trial papers if you have access to any thank you🙏. (yes IK aceHSC and THSC exist I need new ones)
  9. tamdz

    predictions for 2023 hsc economics essay questions?

    ill still study everything of course but its best to have some you know better than others my teacher says that the other economy we studied in t1 (eg china or brazil) is likely but not too sure about anything else
  10. No surprises

    Difference between awards and EA

    The question is Distinguish between awards and enterprise agreements--2 marks What's the difference? This is whatIndustrial Relation Commission said Awards apply to employers and employees depending on the industry they work in and the type of job worked. Awards don't apply when an employer...
  11. R

    Australia's BOP

    Why did the NPY deficit decline in September 2022 to December 2022 in Australia?? Pls help I can't find anything about it
  12. S

    business studies essay tips?? please help

    Hi guys, how do I approach a business essay with a case study? 1. do I use more of the case study or the theory? e.g the 30-70 rule. - is it better to do 30% theory and 70% case study or 70% theory and 30% case study? 2. is a business essay the similar structure to economics? like DPEEL...
  13. Huntress_Waffle

    Thoughts on Computer Science/ Economics double degree?

    Hey guys so I RLYY like eco, but I don't think a single Eco degree will easily get me a job as compared to if I go into software engineering/comp sci/ data science. Especially because I have absolutely no connections in the business/eco/finance field whereas my parents both do techy jobs. I'm...
  14. A

    Art of Smart for Economics tutoring

    Does anyone here go to Art of Smart for HSC Economics tutoring? If you do, could you give it a review? If not, what other economics tutors would you recommend?
  15. C

    Subjects for Prelims

    Hi, I picked my subjects for prelims '23 recently: - SOR 2 (compulsory to have 12 units exact even tho I average Bs in religion) - Physics - Eco - Math Ext & Adv - Eng Ext & Adv I wanted to switch eco for smth else because it might be too much on top of everything else. If I do, I'll change to...
  16. D

    What subject do I drop?

    I am not sure as to what subject I should drop, I am doing 3u maths, adv english, chem, physics, PDH and Eco, and i am probably going to be picking up 4u maths, so I want to cut down to 12 units. I feel like 10 units is going to be too risky because of 4u, so I have made up my mind to either...
  17. thatnormster

    What's easier? Biology or Economics?

    Yo! Here are the subjects that I've locked in for next year • Math Adv + Ext 1 • English Adv + Ext 2 • Geography And I'm tossing up between Biology and Economics. I hate studying Economics but I'm doing unbelievably well in it... I grasp the content well, it's just a chore to study for. I'm...
  18. D

    How do I study for an economics stimulus-based essay?

    Hi all, I currently have an upcoming economics stimulus-based essay. I was just wondering how I should be preparing for it, it is on topic 3 and macroeconomic policies of topic 4? Any tips or practice questions will help.
  19. D

    Topc 5 economics Exam

    Hi, I have an upcoming assessment task for economics, where we are to complete an unseen extended response, and it may be about anything related to topic 5 in economics, which is related to the financial markets in Australia. Does anyone have any past questions, which they may have received...
  20. #26MysteryMarker

    Bachelor of Economics- Bachelor of Laws

    Hey guys, As you may know, entry into USYD eco-law is very competitive (arguably on par with medicine at other unis). Does anyone know how big the intake is every year? and if someone actually does this right now, what are your experiences? (pros/cons, regrets, advice etc.) Thanks.