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    HSC English & Drama Tutoring - Current Teacher with a PhD

    Tutoring with a current High School English Teacher of 15+ years' experience Visit topmarksenglish.com.au or email drd@topmarksenglish.com.au * Experienced with current Standard, Advanced and Extension courses, HSC Drama Course. * Previous experience as HSC Drama Examiner, written paper and...
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    English Tutoring Places / Private Tutor Recommendation

    Hi. I am in year 11 and I am super stressed about English. Are there recommendations with tutoring centre or private tutors that I can go to? I live near north shore and Epping area and I am fine with any prices. I have checked out places like Delta and JP, but I found Delta too $$ and JP was...
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    James Ruse Graduate - ADV ENG (97), EXT ENG (48/50) ENGLISH TUTORING

    All my students in the 2022 intake got a band 6 in 2U and 3U Eng (100% success rate) and a 90+ LAT. ADVANCED, EXTENSION AND EXTENSION II ENGLISH TUTORING UNSW Medicine | James Ruse Graduate (2021) | 99.35 ATAR | 97 UCAT | 91 LAT Hi! I’m Ava and I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High...
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    Subjects for Prelims

    Hi, I picked my subjects for prelims '23 recently: - SOR 2 (compulsory to have 12 units exact even tho I average Bs in religion) - Physics - Eco - Math Ext & Adv - Eng Ext & Adv I wanted to switch eco for smth else because it might be too much on top of everything else. If I do, I'll change to...
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    Still I rise [Overcoming adversity]

    Hello, I am doing Still I rise by Maya Angelou as a human experience text but when I analyse the poem, I can not find how the author overcomes adversity. Is it alright if you help me? Thank you <3333
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    How should I respond to a question that needs me to talk about storytelling?

    My essay question for the Common Mod assignment is, "It is through the telling of stories that we come to understand what it means to be human. Evaluate this statement with close reference to your prescribed text and ONE related text." My text is 1984. I have no idea how to approach this or...
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    Help on finding a technique

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you guys had any techniques you could find from the following quote from 1984. For some more context, I was trying to analyse how the Party forces Winston to break his love with Julia: Winston: "Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don't care...
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    The Crucible related text

    Hey guys, I would like to know which text I should study for The Crucible related text. for English Advanced HSC. Which text would be best in terms of connection, human experience and easier to write about together? Please help!!!