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    Anyone pls find techniques in this text

    The squattocracy is a relic of the colonial past when most people lived in rural areas, yet Australia would not be what it is now without the original pastoralists and their vast, mobile herds of cattle and sheep. The squatters were as influential in shaping the European settlement of this...
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    English Advanced Module A- King Richard III by William Shakespeare and looking for Richard by Al Pacino

    Hey everybody, I'm selling cheap English practice essays based on the new syllabus. I studied King Richard III and Looking For Richard, and received high marks in the HSC course. It is very important to practice essays, therefore I would like to help you guys out and sell the practice essays I...
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    Hi guys, for my first HSC assessment I need to analyse 3 different texts that are to be asked about in the exam. I really need help with analysing this speech (like techniques) and I am struggling so bad :( I would greatly appreciate any help THANK YOU SO MUCH Your Majesties, your Royal...