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  1. Shavi Masee

    I need help for Dead Poets Society - Year 10 Movie analysis

    I absolutely suck at English as I've gotten a 7/15 and 4/10 previously. I had my last exam 3 weeks ago on Twelve Angry Men and SAC questions, I worked really hard to get a good grade for it, but we haven't gotten our results yet. In prep for year 11, this is the one subject I want to improve on...
  2. Canoeboat

    Reusing Essays

    hi guys, can u reuse ur essays from term 1 and 2 and use them in trials. Same quotes and explanation, just changed up a lil bit using feedback given.
  3. whozathangin

    why is English compulsory?

    I get why its needed up to year 10 as a core subject to prepare students if they want to continue it, but after that it just drags out and you don't really learn much that's useful in the grand scheme of things other than to overanalyse texts. id also much rather using that subject slot for...
  4. B

    99.50 ATAR (6 years experience) English, Eco & Bus. Studies Tutor

    Hey all! My name is Rohan Bhatia - I’m a current Doctor of Medicine student at The University of Sydney and graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.50. Since then, I have built 6 years of tutoring experience teaching over 50 students in both private and group environments. My HSC marks are as...
  5. P

    Experienced K- 12 English and Humanities Tutor. ATAR: 97.05. 1st Class Honours

    I am an experienced tutor, having worked with Primary, High School and University students for 6 years. Additionally, I have a first class honours degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Sydney. During my time as a tutor, I have developed a passion for teaching students the...
  6. A


    Hey guys! My name's Ashvin and I completed the HSC in 2016, achieving an ATAR of 99.95 alongside with being the dux of my school, Girraween High. I have recently completed the Double Degree Medicine program at the University of Sydney, and in the past have also managed to successfully secure 5...
  7. A

    Tutoring from 2023 Graduate | English | Maths | Modern History

    Hi all! I'm a recent 2023 graduate from a top 30 school in the state and I'm offering 1 on 1 tutoring for English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 2, and Modern History. Academic Achievements: ATAR: 98.70 English Advanced: 96 (Internal rank of 2/171)...
  8. S

    Past the Shallows Common Mod Discussion

    Hey guys, My prescribed text for the common mod is Past The Shallows by Favel Parrett, and our assessment task is a multimodal about the connection to nature that Harry has to replace the connection he could have with his father. - Does anyone have any good quotes on Harry's connection to...
  9. T

    English Extension HSC Question

    Hi guys. I just entered Year 12 and I am studying English Extension 1. Today I watched the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie and it honestly almost made me cry. I know it sounds silly, but when I was depressed (not that long ago) watching Markiplier play FNAF and obsessing over MattPatt’s theories...
  10. S

    English advanced paper 1 Short answer Tips?

    Heyyy, can someone please give some tips on how to finish your short answer in paper one English advanced especially because I’m going to do that before my essay. I‘ve been practicing some questions under timed conditions…and I feel like I can’t get the short answers done on time I’m giving...
  11. D

    Is dropling English Advanced to Standard worth it for me?

    I've been mostly a C student in advanced, apart from prelims where I got a B because I genuinly studied. I've been unlucky with essay writing times as I'm a slow writer. However standard isn't doing any much better. My mark of 41/60 in advanced was higher than the English standard highest mark...
  12. S

    Module C English advanced prediction?

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask what your predictions are for the module C English advanced. Do you think it will be discursive, persuasive or creative? and how are you going to prepare for it? like do you think it's a good idea to memorise the imaginative and then turn it into a discursive? Or...
  13. SB257426

    Can anyone please read my reflection and give me some feedback if possible, I would really appreciate it

    This is my reflection statement to my mod C creative. Tell me if you would like to read the creative as well :)
  14. H

    Preliminary English Advanced Past Papers

    can u all give english advanced prelim past papers please
  15. J

    Sefton HS english contradicting online resources

    I am currently in year 10 for English and have tried to look online for English resources and videos to improve. Yet, many of the resources go against what my teachers want. e.g. my teachers want a conceptual statement that disregards the specific composer and text for the first statement in...
  16. jccc

    Should I drop down to Standard English?

    I'm in Year 11 and will be doing my preliminary exams next week. I'm really conflicted about English. I'm doing Advanced English and it's my worst subject (average 75%). I want to see how I go but is is worth it to drop down to standard? I'm not a fan of English right now but at the same time it...
  17. tamdz

    anybody have any resources for common module short answers?

    title. any resources for the short answ/comprehension questions??? thanks
  18. S

    creative writing tips for English please help

    Hi guys I’m doing English advanced. I have a creative and reflection in class exam soon. For mod C creative writing we did metamorphosis and I think spotty handed villainesses. Can someone please give me advice or tips on how I can prepare for my exam. I’m really bad at creative. How should I...
  19. tamdz

    questions about frankenstein and metropolis

    what are Shelley and Lang's ultimate purposes when creating their texts? what message are they actually trying to convey to audiences? thanks.
  20. T

    Get ready for Term 4 HSC English NOW

    Tutoring with a current High School English Teacher of 15+ years' experience Visit topmarksenglish.com.au or email drd@topmarksenglish.com.au * Experienced with current Standard, Advanced and Extension courses, HSC Drama Course. * Previous experience as HSC Drama Examiner, written paper and...