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  1. Canoeboat

    Reusing Essays

    hi guys, can u reuse ur essays from term 1 and 2 and use them in trials. Same quotes and explanation, just changed up a lil bit using feedback given.
  2. S

    Business studies essays help please

    hey guys how do I structure my BUSINESS SUDIES ESSAY if its not just about strategies? For example if there are two components? E.g if the question was: Analyse the relationship between market segmentation and marketing strategies. or Analyse the relationship between performance objectives...
  3. S

    Paper 1 English Advanced Tips

    HEY guys. how do you guys think I should tackle paper 1? like should I do the short answer first or essay first? In my trials I did essay first which my essay was quite good compared to a lot of other people but my short answer was really bad because of panic and running out of time. I guess I...
  4. tamdz

    predictions for 2023 hsc economics essay questions?

    ill still study everything of course but its best to have some you know better than others my teacher says that the other economy we studied in t1 (eg china or brazil) is likely but not too sure about anything else
  5. B

    Modern History 25/25 Russia Trial HSC Essay. Also Vietnam, core resources.

    Selling 25/25 Russia (top 5 selective school NSW) trial hsc on question: "Discuss the ways that Stalin's policies changed Russian society and culture in the period 1928-1948" for $6 respond to thread if interested. Will also give 2 full-mark trial hsc answers on core (nazi topic) and 2 90%...
  6. K

    English Advanced Essays (95/100 49/50)

    Hi, I am selling my English Advanced essays for $20 each. I got 99/100 and 49/50 in English Advanced and Extension trials. Common Mod - Merchant of Venice Mod A - The Meursault Investigation and The Stranger Mod B - T.S. Eliot Message if interested.
  7. S

    Assignment Help

    Assignments, essays, case studies, exam preparation and proof reading for high school students of all grades. I have over 5 years experience in assisting students to achieve their best. I provide a personalised service - 100% guaranteed original content, no copying and pasting from Google. I...
  8. souli

    How do I write with more sophistication and academic language?

    I am just wondering if anyone has any advice I could use to make my writing (particularly essays) more sophisticated, and more academic-sounding. Or how to expand my vocabulary to include higher-quality language. Thank you!
  9. S

    Marketing Essay Business studies URGENT HELP READ PLEASE

    Hi there, would anyone like to help give feedback on an essay I wrote about marketing strategies.I really need help in determining if the analysis and structure is effective and also which paragraph/s could be eliminated. Thank you! please let me know.
  10. S

    business studies essay tips?? please help

    Hi guys, how do I approach a business essay with a case study? 1. do I use more of the case study or the theory? e.g the 30-70 rule. - is it better to do 30% theory and 70% case study or 70% theory and 30% case study? 2. is a business essay the similar structure to economics? like DPEEL...
  11. Serge Gainsbourg

    Thesis, Anthesis, Synthesis (?) Band 6 help

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on two essays which I will have to re-write in class with a set of notes to assist me. I already sent my teacher the essays for feedback and he said I should be getting a high Band 5,, but I'm aiming for a Band 6. I want to include some sort of Thesis...
  12. D

    Judith Wright Material

    Hi, I have an essay for English in two weeks about Judith Wright, on the four poems, flame tree in a quarry, south of my days, hawthorn hedge, and train journey. If anyone has any material regarding this, or essays they have done on Judith Wright, it would be great if they could please share it...
  13. angeldevso

    My daughter need help in her homework

    Although I'm fond of writing essays, etc., I decided that it would be better for me to give free rein to solve the assigned homework to her. Suddenly, she recently came to me with a question, are there sites where ready-made robots are written without copyright? I know a couple of such examples...
  14. Y

    Help with Russia & The Soviet Union Essay

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is willing to read an essay I have written for the following question: Account for Stalin’s emergence as leader of the USSR by the late 1920s? I would just like some feedback about the things I did well and what I could improve on. If someone replies and is...
  15. P

    All the Light We Cannot See Essay

    Does anyone have any HSC Essays for All the Light We Cannot See?
  16. J

    the great gatsby

    "The Great Gatsby is a story of filthy-rich, 'careless' and wholly dislikeable characters - all except for Gatsby." Has this been your experience of the novel? What features of the novel have helped you develop this view? has anyone studied the great gatsby before for English? if so, any...
  17. B


    Hi everyone! I graduated in 2020 from Bethany College, Hurstville with an ATAR of 96.10 and I am now studying Psychology at UNSW. *Feel free to email me if you would like notes for a specific topic only, instead of these suggested bundles and prices can be arranged, serafinapaletto3@gmail.com*...
  18. N


    What technique would this sentence use? “These, of course, may not have been the precise words I used that afternoon at the Tamagawa temple”
  19. U

    Urban Dynamics Pyrmont Extended Response

    I have the following question write an extended response on: Critically analyse ONE Urban Dynamic in Pyrmont. If anyone has previously completely this essay, who can be an absolute legend and share it to me. Will be much appreciated
  20. E

    Paradoxes, anomalies and inconsistencies in Animal farm?

    For my assessment task, I'm looking for the anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes revealed through texts. My PT is 'The Crucible' and my RT is 'Animal Farm'. Can someone tell me any themes in common to both texts that reveal anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes within human nature? I have...