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  1. Z

    my bio class is so backwards help pls

    hi all... i'm in year 12 now, and need some advice regarding my bio class. my teacher decided it was a good idea to work backwards this year, so we've started and completed mod 8 and now we are about a quarter way through mod 7. I am really struggling to understand concepts as we haven't learnt...
  2. F

    USYD subject times

    I've just finished enrolling in USYD, but throughout the process I never had the chance to pick what time I want my classes to be. Have I missed out on something, or do class timetables only come out later?
  3. X

    Year 11 tutoring

    Hi, I'm a year 10 student (11 next year) looking to see what subjects I will enrol in for tuition next year. I picked: 3U maths, Adv Eng, chemistry, economics, biology and physics. I'm already doing du, jp eng and matrix chem.
  4. A

    uni degree/course help PLS!!!

    Hi, I've been thinking of doing a double degree in science and business, and looking at these options: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business (at UNSW or UTS) My current subjects I do are chemistry, business studies and economics. I was originally only planning to do something in...
  5. goodcat911

    School changed Year 12 Order

    My school's always done Module 5, 6, 7, 8 in year 12 for Chemistry, but now they made it so it's: Module 7, half of Module 8, Module 5, Module 6, other half of Module 8 in that order. This'll probably mean that the first year 12 topic test (end of next term) will be on Mod 7, rather than Mod 5...
  6. O

    92 (Or Even 90) ATAR still Possible

    Hey guys I go to a top 50 ranked school in NSW and was wondering would it still be possible to get a 92 atar despite my ranks before trials. Chem 45/100 Bio 51/87 Eco 33/55 Math Adv 70/100 Eng Adv 110/182 Would It still be possible to pull it back to get a 90 or 92 ATAR or am I too far in the...
  7. P

    Should i drop ext1 math?

    I got straight A's 7-10 but I stuffed up in my first advanced task and got 22/33, in my extension I got 19/33, however, I still have rank 4 in ext (there are only 12 people in my class), I am in year 11, I think I am better at my other subjects (English Advanced, Biology, Chem, PDHPE and SOR I)...
  8. L

    YR 11 Chemistry & Physics 2022

    Hi guys, Struggling in chemistry and Physics already, does anyone have any notes, past papers or even text books/workbooks that will help me! Thank you
  9. Modern4DaBois

    Suggestions for related texts -> 1984

    Hello, I have a multimodal task on 1984 and one related text of my choice. However, I can't seem to find anything interesting. I'm mostly looking at short films or music videos cause we aren't allowed to do another novel, so yeah.. Anyone have any suggestions? Help would be greatly appreciated :)
  10. Modern4DaBois

    Can anyone please help with this question on colourimetry?

    Hello, I have a chem depth study on "how to use colourimetry and titration to calculate Keq/Ka" But I'm kinda confused as to what the blank solution is made from (is the just water?). Can anyone please provide an example of a colourimetry experiment and what the blank solution to that would be...
  11. A

    Advanced math or Standard math with a bridging course later on?

    I'm rethinking my choice of doing advanced math instead of standard for HSC. Currently, I'm at my class's average in 5.2 maths (which isn't really that good I won't lie) and I know that realistically I won't be able to achieve my atar goal if I continue on this path + will waste a lot of time I...
  12. Modern4DaBois

    Physics Speed of Light Help Needed ASAP

    Sup everyone, I have a depth study on methods to measure the speed of light and I needed some help with the Evenson's experiment (about the method he followed). If any of ya'll have any info bout that, or any other experiment to measure the speed of light (after 1900), could you please please...
  13. Y


    Evaluate how well the Australian legal system protects an individual’s rights while ensuring they meet their responsibilities and fulfil their duties as citizens. Help would be much appreciated :(( currently dying rn.
  14. Y

    need some help here,,, prelim legal content ;)

    Using examples, explain how the adversary system affects the court process.
  15. Nacseo

    Best time to send St Marys Application

    When is the best time to send my St Marys Application because I got the application just recently and got started on it. But when I finish my form, when is the best time to give in my form, im not sure if I can hand it in in the holidays because schools closed in the holidays and my friend says...
  16. C

    Va or Physics??

    I’m quite new to do this so i posted this already on the physics forum without realising that there could be bias so here i am on a more general one. Hi, so I’m in year 10 and have already picked my subjects. However, i am still hesistant on doing physics. My other subjects are ext1 maths, adv...
  17. C

    Should i choose Va or Physics

    Hi, so I’m in year 10 and have already picked my subjects. However, i am still hesistant on doing physics. My other subjects are ext1 maths, adv english, chem, modern history, sor. My school only allows 12 units :(. And I currently go tutor for physics but find no joy in doing it. It could be...
  18. S

    Send help

    So basically, I am 100% against the subject English unfortunatley I am too smart and got 92% on my preliminary advanced test. Thought about dropping to English standard for my wellbeing but others have suggested to remain in English advanced. Send help
  19. sweena

    Society and Culture PIP

    Hey all, just gone into Year 12 and having a hard time finding a PIP idea. I was wondering if any of you would have a broad subject that I can get a focus question from (I am not interested in doing anything related to COVID-19) :).
  20. W

    Discursive writing help

    Hi guys, was wondering if you could help me understand the whole discursive writing. I have an assessment coming due soon and have no idea where to start I have to write a discursive literary blog based on “life is to be lived and each experience savoured.” I also have to make reference to...