1. R

    should i do french for my hsc?

    hi was just wondering about the basic look of the french scene in the hsc? i have the option of doing french continues as an accelerated course. i did french at my old school for 6-7 years so I'm very confident about being able to catch up with any writing sections however I'm not very confident...
  2. S

    The Crucible related text

    Hey guys, I would like to know which text I should study for The Crucible related text. for English Advanced HSC. Which text would be best in terms of connection, human experience and easier to write about together? Please help!!!
  3. D

    Need help on writing critical studies

    Hello, i'm about to do my Y11 yearly examination for english advanced, i need some help, tips and advice on writing critical studies (The text i'm doing is King Lear) as its fairly new to me, and i find it difficult grasp and understand.
  4. D

    Judith Wright Material

    Hi, I have an essay for English in two weeks about Judith Wright, on the four poems, flame tree in a quarry, south of my days, hawthorn hedge, and train journey. If anyone has any material regarding this, or essays they have done on Judith Wright, it would be great if they could please share it...
  5. I


    Do any math prodigies on BOS have any tips for getting good at maths especially in a short amount of time without going to like 10 different tutoring centres? Please let me know what you guys have done cos I need to raise those marks!
  6. Bob99

    Trials Tips for english

    What to do if I open the exam booklet, and it's a question that I find hard to understand.
  7. B

    Scared of my ATAR

    Hi everybody! Recently my Mum has told me that she thinks I could possibly have inattentive ADHD. I have no idea if I do or if I don't, but I have tremendous difficulty completing assigned tasks, studying, and remaining focus throughout a lesson. There are other symptoms that I relate to and...
  8. DH2014

    What ATAR can I realistically get?

    Mathematics Standard: 9/48 English Standard: 8/56 Design and Technology: 8/22 Spanish Beginners: 3/5 Economics: 16/22 Thank you for any help, I’ve just been stressing out a lot because of my low ranks in economics and spanish.
  9. D

    Trial Mod C question?

    I'm very reliant on memorising for English, so for trials I've realised that I do not have enough time to memorise a creative however I do have a memorised discursive. My question is, what tips are there in transforming a discursive into an imaginative during the exam. Could I make it seem as If...
  10. Bob99

    Mass defect of nuclear fission/fusion

    I am a bit confused about the mass defect occurring from nuclear fission/fusion reactions. Online sources + textbooks say that the products of a nuclear fusion reaction will have less mass than the reactants, and will release energy in relation to E=mc^2. But in my matrix book, they are saying...
  11. I


    Hey Everyone! I'm currently in the midst of completing my personal interest project for my society and culture class. I would like to obtain at least 50 responses. It would be much appreciated if you could participate in the questionnaire, it will only take less than 5 mins. It's regarding the...
  12. S

    Past papers or devote time to content for Trials?

    I've been getting mixed signals, between people who think that spending more time on really learning the content rather than doing past papers is better. And people who think that I should kill 2 birds with one stone and learn the content through trial papers - write down my mistakes etc. I see...
  13. Bob99

    PDF, CDF probabilty help

    I have been having trouble with understanding what PDF and CDF probability topics are. Can someone please give a summary with things that are unique to these functions? Such as any identities, rules, etc. Thank you.
  14. goblinslayer


    What are two separate words for ‘faster and cheaper’ that rhyme?
  15. D

    Texts for MOD A

    Hi, For school this term we are to create a ted talk about a contemporary text, which examines the endurance of one basic plot in the contemporary society. The topic for the ted talk is "People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around." and the talk must...
  16. lucywills24

    Importance of textual form...

    Can someone explain to me what the importance of textual form is, and how it serves purpose for the author's writing? Thanks!
  17. A

    need advice pls - does anyone think I can get a 98+ atar?

    English adv (ranking around 20ish/52) English ext 1 (ranking 5/9) Maths ext 1 (ranking 7ish/17) Maths ext 2 (ranking 1/7) Biology (ranking 13ish/38) Chemistry (ranking 1/16) I messed up my 3U maths and bio exams last term, which pulled my rank down by a lot, and I don't know if I'll be able...
  18. D

    Is it too late to turn it around?

    I am doing the following subjects in a top ~228 School: MX1 Eng ADV PDH Chem Bio SOR 1 For the past 2 tasks my marks have been sitting at average despite a top 3 rank in the first task of biology and a top 10 rank for Maths ADV, SOR and maybe PDH - ( we didn't get ranks yet but I got 2nd...
  19. D

    What study tips do you have for Ancient/Modern History, Advanced English/Maths?

    Hello! I've been mainly been hitting the high band 5~ish mark, but not quite getting into band 6 for Ancient and Modern History as well as Advanced English, so if you have any particular advice about what really gets you into those top bands, please do leave a comment <3 Also, any names of...
  20. Z

    Transferring to Bachelor of applied science (diagnostic radiography) usyd

    Hi! I'm currently a first-year student studying a bachelor's degree at another university. I wish to transfer to this course, however, I realized how the course only starts in semester1 2023. The course was open to an application recently, and I have applied to UAC however I do not know whether...