1. D

    Need help with question.

    Any ideas? Solve cos^2theta - 5cos theta * sin theta + 6sin^2theta =0 between -pi ≤ theta ≤ pi
  2. J

    Can I get some help with questions?

    1. From a point P, a person observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a cliff A is 40°. After walking 100 m towards A along a straight road inclined upwards at an angle of 15° to the horizontal, the angle of elevation of A is observed to be 50°. Find the vertical height of A above P...
  3. M

    i feel like i am just doomed to get a shit ATAR bc i failed year 11. is there hope for a good ATAR?

    Pleaseee help me Basically, I ranked in pretty much last in three of my five subjects last year (prelim semester 2 reports). I decided to pull my head out of my ass and try for my year 12 assessments. Right now, after semester one YEAR 12, I am sitting at: Legal studies: 73% average mark and...
  4. J

    Past Papers? - Maths Advanced 2021

    Does anyone have any past half-yearly and yearly papers of preliminary maths advanced?
  5. J

    Bachelor of Applied Finance vs Bachelor of Commerce (Finance/Accounting)?

    Hey guys, I'm still a 2021 HSC student and I want to get into the financial sector as a career path. What's the difference between these two degrees? My main concern is that the Bachelor of Applied Finance may be a bit too specialised to the point where it may be detrimental in the future -...
  6. J

    UTS v MACQ v WSU for Business/Finance?

    Hey guys, I have an interest in finance and business, and want to pursue that in university (finance + accounting majors) - but I'm split between these three uni's. I don't know how much affect they may have on future graduate employability right out the gate, or even if that matters. Could...
  7. A

    procrastination at its pinnacle but i hope to get a 90+ atar

    hello folks, was going thru a few of the forum posts, hence decided to create an acc and signal my plea for and help/ tips? on how can i clutch a 90+ atar up until y10, i’ve been fairly an academic student and in the top 3 for most subjects but that was cut short where i butchered my rankings...
  8. M

    Types of Integration By Parts Questions

    What are all the types of integration by parts questions? I know normal IBP, and the other type where you have to integrate 2 times, and a 3rd type where you have to integrate 2 times and then move a repeated integral from RHS to LHS and then divide by 2. Are there any more trick question...
  9. S

    Is online tutoring worth it?

    It seems better to me personally predominantly because the hardest thing for many people from what I heard is balancing time and being organised tutoring and with school work. Online tutoring eliminates that so it should be better right? Has anyone who has done online tutoring seen success?
  10. S

    Cheat sheet tips

    My Maths extension 1 exam allows us to bring a cheat sheet with us. Is there any way I can exploit this advantage to make the test even easier for me or should i just write formulas etc?
  11. C

    Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy - help needed asap!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to answer this: An anlaysis of the accuracy of AAS I literally can't find any information on its accuracy, please help!!!
  12. L

    idk what selective schools i should apply to for

    ok so im currently in year 9 hoping to apply into a selective school for year 10 2022 im a straight A student, GPA of 5.0, DUX of my grade since year 7 and running...., im in the volleyball team, debating team, art club. i do piano and clarinet etc. im not from a selective school though. i also...
  13. D

    English Assignment

    My brain is malfunctioning currently and I need help with my english assignment. I am writing a discursive and we are meant to explore the transformative impact of journeys. This isn't meant to be taken literally but more metaphorically. Are there any ideas on how I can make a discursive that...
  14. T


    Ok so im in year 12 atm and i have 13 units which just feels like SO MUCH - my schools obsessed with having tons of units but i really wanna drop, my exams are in 3-5 weeks, so i cant drop a 2 UNIT COURSE till then, but i can drop extension courses, lemme list all my subjects and my marks + how...
  15. A


    I am planning to eventually get into Medicine through GAMSAT after completing a bachelor degree. However I am stuck picking from either, the Bachelor of Med Science at Macquarie OR the Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Pre-Med) at UTS.
  16. J

    Hey guys I need some help understanding how this will affect my mark

    So I was doing accelerated business studies but I was also changing schools in the process. Since the new school was far, I essentially needed to learn the topic online and mostly by myself. I ended up learning the wrong things and bombed my first y12 assesment exam. Getting 66% with 20%...
  17. S

    MX1 Help

    Stuck on these 4 questions, would be great if someone helped out :)
  18. E

    Paradoxes, anomalies and inconsistencies in Animal farm?

    For my assessment task, I'm looking for the anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes revealed through texts. My PT is 'The Crucible' and my RT is 'Animal Farm'. Can someone tell me any themes in common to both texts that reveal anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes within human nature? I have...
  19. T

    Extracurricular, volunteering and work experience ideas?!

    In a couple of weeks I’ll be going into year 11 and i wanna make a change this year as in the past i have never participated that much in anything outside of the typical school stuff though this year I really wanna change to help out my community and work towards my goal of getting into usyd...
  20. Helpme2244

    Would doing a business degree at UTS actually be useful in getting a job?

    I'm torn between UTS degrees right now, I've been alternating between business and bcii with a major in marketing or science in IT with bcii and major in cybersecurity. I'm not sure which one is a better investment? I heard that to get a job in cybersecurity I gotta do a bunch of external exams...