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  1. khlovebot

    MultiModal help plsplspls

    I did othello last term and have to do my multimodal this term. We can pick anything we want so I have no clue please send me examples. I can provide othello essay aaaaa ;w;
  2. X

    Subject selection help!!! (2019)

    My subjects are due on Friday 26 July 2019. I know I want to get into some sort of medical science degree of biomedical degree but my backup is nursing or pharmaceuticals. I was recommended by my Math teacher to take advanced math (2u) and my English teacher told me to do advanced English (2u)...
  3. K

    [HELP NEEDED] Year 11 Subject Selection

    I’m currently in year 10 moving to year 11 next year and I am in the process of selecting my courses. It is due on Thursday (25/7/2019) so all advice and replies would be much appreciated. I need to select 12 units and so far, I have chosen: Advanced English (2 units) Advanced Maths (2 units)...
  4. M


    Hi all, I am currently considering applying for year 11 at a selective school and i am required to hand in my reports from the past 2 years, NAPLAN and extra-curricular stuff. My reports and NAPLAN are great but i am worried about my extra curricular as i haven't done many. So my question is how...
  5. M

    Essay Structure?! Help!

    Hey, One of my extended responses in Paper 2 (for my trials) is going to be on a set of 7 prescribed poems, and the question will most likely ask us to refer to two of them. I was wondering whether it would be a mistake for me to do only two body paragraphs as I have quotes and information on...
  6. V

    Do I have any hope of getting into a selective high school (yr 11)?

    Hi guys, Selective high applications close in a week and I'm hoping to get mine in to a few schools, but I am freaking out about the HAST which is mandatory for some of the schools I am applying to. I did some practice tests, and I suck at mathematical reasoning, so that's great. I have no idea...
  7. 88rising

    year 11 acer hast test writing prompts

    hey guys, just to keep it short — i can not find any past prompts for the acer test that's suitable for year 11 :) if anyone has done the test and has impeccable memory, could you please tell me what prompt was asked? thank you
  8. M

    90+ ATAR?

    Hey, I'm going to sit the trials soon, was wondering if I'd be able to finish the HSC with a Band 6 for Business Studies if I got 90% in trials and the external exam. Also, is it possible for me to get a 90-92 ATAR with these marks, what should I be improving? and how much of a factor are my...
  9. H


    right, i currently trying to write my PIP and i don't know if i can use the name of the professional i interviewed.... mine is on how a late diagnosis of ASD impacts a persons ability to form relationships and their self-perception. i interviewed a psychiatrist that specialises in autism, and...
  10. M


    Hi all, I am having some minor troubles doing these questions. if you can help, that would be awesome!! 1. a) Calculate the change in PE when a student lifts a school bag of mass 10kg a vertical distance of 1.4 m above the floor. b) Calculate the PE when it is dropped. 2. A 30kg child slide...
  11. M

    UOW Degree Advice !?!?!?

    Hey, I'm currently in Year 12, and I'm quite interested in Finance. I was wondering what the level of Mathematics would be like in a Bachelor of Finance & Mathematics. The assumed knowledge is Mathematics Advanced, and the recommended studies is Mathematics Extension 1. However, I only do...
  12. D

    Questions about Advanced

    1. How many poems should we learn for our comparative module? I studied Keats and there's like 7 poems but last term, I only wrote about 2 poems in comparison to my film text. 2. Would the new syllabus ask us to strictly write one text type for the creative section? So specifically an...
  13. K


    hey guys could someone answer the follow IPT questions. would really appreciate it: 1) Explain the function of the switch when many nodes are simultaneously transmitting and receiving Ethernet frames 2) Critically analyse why each Ethernet frame includes a CRC rather than a checksum or parity...