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hsc 2023

  1. O

    20/20 exemplar HSC English Advanced essays

    Hi everyone, I received a RAW integer mark of 20/20 on my 2023 HSC English Advanced exam essays for Common Module and Module A - to help out future HSC students, I spent a total of 91 dollars to get these responses back, because I found that reading exemplars was essential to doing well in the...
  2. Y

    hsc services?

    Hey yall, I'm a little confused as to what all the hsc results services do - I'm interested in getting my results back for a few major works i did (eg society and culture, eng ext 2, history ext), but I'm not sure which options to choose. Which option should i select between the results check...
  3. E


    Hello everyone! I graduated from a top NSW selective school back in 2023, and I'm currently selling the essays that I used in the Trials and HSC to achieve results in both English Advanced and Extension 1. The essays/creatives/discursive that I'm offering below are the exact ones I used and...
  4. C

    2023 Trial Papers?

    Hello there! Would anyone happen to have some 2023 trial papers for physics from their schools? Thank you :)
  5. xoxogossipgirll


    good luck fellow student ;0
  6. S

    Business studies high quality practice paper

    Hi Did anyone have business studies papers they could share that specifically cover human resources and operations in the extended response questions? I heard that its likely they are assessed for the last section in this years paper!
  7. G

    society and culture 2023 paper

    the depth study questions??? unbelievable how hard they were! the popular culture one was insaneeeeeee i do social media and i had no idea how to answer that... does anyone have multi choice answers?
  8. J

    can i get an atar above 70?

    I've been having nightmares of getting a 68 atar for three consecutive nights and now I'm actually thinking this is a sign. I got into early entry but since it's a conditional offer I need a 69 plus but preferably 70. I go to a good school usually at least top 20 but tbh I don't really think...
  9. C

    Sooo, how are we feeling for 4U?

    Even though English is tomorrow, I'm doing maths instead because it is arguably better (even though I like English :))
  10. T

    Tomorrow is D-day.....

    Students, Dropkicks, and Nerds under the NSW Education Authority You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many years. The eyes of your parents are upon you. The hope and prayers of faceless Universities everywhere march with you. In company with our...
  11. S

    wsu interview for med

    for wsu med interviews, what is the usual ucat cutoff they look for if you are greater western syd applicant. my ucat %ile was 83 but my vr was 710 so i was wondering if i would still have a chance of getting an interview?
  12. mary555

    JPN Cont. most 'impressive' grammar points

    hellooooo idk if this is a silly topic or not, but i was wondering what grammar points would impress markers the most? maybe it doesn't matter, and marking comes down to just high accuracy and creatively using language, but i'm curious anyway. my teacher told our class that she, and other...
  13. M


    Hi, would really appreciate an estimate pls internal ranks chemistry: 19/31 standard eng: 15/104 economics: 7/14 business: 22/43 adv Maths: 48/52 (ik maths is horrible we don't talk about it) my school rank is around 60's am I screwed is it still possible to get an atar of 88 i want to do...
  14. I

    do people usually get a higher b6 in bio than chem?

    deciding what to drop before hsc
  15. tamdz

    likely questions for 2023 hsc civil rights?

    from what ive seen they havent asked - the groups (like NAACP and CORE) - freedom rides - march on washington - freedom summer what do u guys think
  16. tamdz

    predictions for 2023 hsc economics essay questions?

    ill still study everything of course but its best to have some you know better than others my teacher says that the other economy we studied in t1 (eg china or brazil) is likely but not too sure about anything else
  17. SB257426

    How am I supposed to parts b) and c)

    I got part a) but i don't know if im being dumb or something i cant get b or c.
  18. No surprises

    Difference between awards and EA

    The question is Distinguish between awards and enterprise agreements--2 marks What's the difference? This is whatIndustrial Relation Commission said Awards apply to employers and employees depending on the industry they work in and the type of job worked. Awards don't apply when an employer...
  19. 9

    Shitty internals VS good HSC result

    It's doing my head in--my school which ranks at around top 50 in NSW really fluctuates every year because we rely on the cohorts' ability to do well (it's not a selective high so...). My internal marks are not looking too well and while I ranked in top 3 in all my subjects during year 11, I had...