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  1. souli

    How do you make notes? Digitally or handwritten?

    Starting yr 11 soon, and planning to make some study notes on the holidays. Do you make your notes(typing) on a laptop, etc, or handwrite them onto loose-leaf paper in a display folder or a notebook? Thank you!
  2. L

    BIO scaling?

    Exam was mostly skills based and there were heaps of extended responses. A lot of my mates found the exam difficult, but some found it relatively easy. Wondering if it will scale high or low.
  3. L

    How will SOR II scale this year??

    The exam was fairly easy, wondering if it will scale well, or not so well.
  4. C

    pip questionnaire! https://forms.gle/uHhb21LpgkBxgokq7

    Hello all! I'm currently conducting primary research for my society and culture major project (PIP) and it would be amazing if you could please fill out my questionnaire! I'm in need of responses and it would help a lot if I was able to receive responses. Happy to do other people's...
  5. G

    Advice on teacher's marking (CAFS)!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on BoS, so hopefully it reaches the right people. :) I'm currently a Year 12 (HSC 2022) student, and one of the courses I have chosen to undertake is Community and Family Studies, or CAFS. Recently, we completed the T1 assessment on Research Methodologies...
  6. A

    Early Entry Schemes for a 2022 HSC student?

    So I'm interested in applying for early entry schemes for the 2022 HSC and university pages point me towards the UAC website to the SRS (student recommendation scheme). Being the idiot that I am, I missed the deadline. Is there anything I can do now to still access an early entry scheme? or am...
  7. O

    Fractional distillation of Air

    What is the equation of the fractional distillation of air to get nitrogen gas??
  8. G

    Subject Advice!

    I'm having trouble deciding if it is a good idea to pick History extension in replace for one of my subjects. I'm currently doing: - Ancient History - Biology - Business Studies - English Standard - Math Standard 2 - Physics, I am doing very well in all my subjects except for Physics and...
  9. M

    Birkelande eyde process and frank caro process

    How were birkelande eyde and frank caro processes used to produce ammonia
  10. A

    ASAP HELP - can some1 explain how we can use colorimetry to find keq

    im confused between how beer lambert law would come into play when we are calculating the concentration of a substance, and by extension the keq. isn't using calorimetry simply like creating standard solutions, using a calorimeter to find their absorbance and plotting all of this into a...
  11. A

    ASAP - titration - rinsing equipment question

    what do you rinse the burette and pipette with, also why do we wash the conical flask which holds the analyte initially with dimin water (distilled water) and then finally with the solution it was holding. also by finally it would have both analyte and the titrant being used so what do you wash...
  12. A

    Suggestions For Related Text - Common Mod: Text and Human Experience

    Hey there, I have an upcoming multimodal to do for the common module. Schools doing 1984 by george orwell but the multimodal needs to be on a related text, with some connections to 1984. If possible can anyone provide suggestions for a related text?
  13. A

    Q regarding non-equilibrium systems

    If possible can someone explain how they would answer this question, "Explain why combustion and photosynthesis are examples of non-equilibrium reactions. Include an equation in your answer. "