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  1. A

    Help I dont get this question

    I keep on getting D... idk why... i give up someone please tell me how its done
  2. SB257426

    Do teachers ever find out what ATAR you got ?

    Just curious... but do they find out what ATAR you got or do we just have to tell them what we got. I feel like my chem and english marks will disappoint me and i dont really wanna show them my ATAR as those marks may drag it down
  3. A

    I dont understand the working out for this question...

    This may sound a bit silly but how did they just know how to sub in these concentrations of Ag and CrO4. I am so confused. I tried subbing in another point.. didnt work
  4. A

    Why is my answer incorrect?

    Here is the question: and here is my working
  5. A

    I need help with this question

    Can someone please send their working for this please? I dont get it
  6. SB257426

    Im scared lol

    Got ext 2 tmrw... i have done papers but i still feel so underprepared and i feel like i wont be able to answer a single question at all..... how about u people?
  7. SB257426

    Does anyone know what the minimum raw mark was for e4 in MX2 2022?

    I got 64 (skull face) im aiming for e4 in all the hsc past papers i did... i just wanna know
  8. A

    I dont understand the working out in the first line

    Like I understand both curves intersect at x as they are the inverse and its way too hard to find the inverse but using x instead of the inverse wont give u the correct shaded area
  9. SB257426

    Challenge integral

    does anyone know how to do this ? I tried doing it and i got it wrong
  10. SB257426

    How do I do this?

    I got part a ) For b) I managed to prove k^k < 1/4(k+1)^k+1 but i am struggling to prove the middle bit for some reason which shouldnt be that hard but idk why im struggling lol
  11. SB257426

    Does anyone have a derivation of the formula for the shortest distance to a line?

    Im talking about this formula: I was doing a hunters hill high extension 2 trial and they asked to find the min value of |z|. Would I need to derive this formula or can i just use it in an exam?
  12. M


    Hi, would really appreciate an estimate pls internal ranks chemistry: 19/31 standard eng: 15/104 economics: 7/14 business: 22/43 adv Maths: 48/52 number of people that got a band 6 last year: chem: 1 standard eng: 5 business: 3 economics: 2 adv maths: 22 (ik maths is horrible we don't talk...
  13. A

    SOR2U Islam Depth Study - Sig. Person (Rabi'a)

    Hi everyone! I'm having a dilemma there are no resources about Rabi'a Al-Adawiyya and Edrolo only gives you so much D: if anyone has any tips or notes pls publish them for everyone that does Rabi'a you would be helping so much! God bless everyone and good luck with HSC <333