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math extension

  1. M

    Should I Do E2

    Next term, after finishing advanced math, I will be starting math E1 and E2 simultaneously, I know some of the E1 content due to common content with physics (vectors) but I was wondering if this workload will be too much. My school decided to start E1 and E2 in term 4 so I have not done any...
  2. C

    Subjects for Prelims

    Hi, I picked my subjects for prelims '23 recently: - SOR 2 (compulsory to have 12 units exact even tho I average Bs in religion) - Physics - Eco - Math Ext & Adv - Eng Ext & Adv I wanted to switch eco for smth else because it might be too much on top of everything else. If I do, I'll change to...
  3. I

    Thoughts on SCOM Matt?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what your thoughts were on Matt Cash the math tutor who used to work at SCOM? Any personal, second hand testimonials or comparisons would definitely help!
  4. I


    Do any math prodigies on BOS have any tips for getting good at maths especially in a short amount of time without going to like 10 different tutoring centres? Please let me know what you guys have done cos I need to raise those marks!
  5. Q


    hey!!! I was wondering if anyone knew how to solve part B for this question. I can't seem to wrap my head around it. The answer is x= -3. Thank you!!
  6. P

    *PLS HELP!* Roots & Coefficients in Quadratic Equations

    I'm not sure how to solve this one problem: "If α and β are roots of the equations x²+mx+n=0, find the roots of nx²+(2n-m²)x+n=0 in terms of α and β." I would really appreciate it if someone could show me how to do it. I'm like 9 weeks behind on work lol. Thanks in advance! :D
  7. D

    Need help on a math exam question

    I would be grateful for any ideas on this question :) , I know the use of the difference between cubes is used but how do you proceed from there?
  8. D

    Need help with question.

    Any ideas? Solve cos^2theta - 5cos theta * sin theta + 6sin^2theta =0 between -pi ≤ theta ≤ pi
  9. J

    What's a good question book to buy for math extension s?

    I know that excel Success One for math extension 1 is pretty good, but seems like they don't have a same type of question book for math extension 2. Obviously I feel like i need to practice more questions, so any recommendation what to buy? Thx!!!
  10. T

    Should I drop tutoring? I really need some advice!

    Hiya, I'm in year 11 and I'm kind of screwed. I'm doing extension 1 maths, advanced English, chemistry, biology, economics and modern history. So far, I'm not doing well. I'm atrocious with time management, and I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow when I'm stressed. I attend tutoring for...
  11. T

    Is it possible to score a high atar without extension subjects?

    Hi. I'm in year 11 and my current subjects are modern history, English advanced, chemistry, biology, economics and maths advanced + extension 1. I'm planning to drop biology next year, but I'm struggling a lot in math. I barely passed 50% for math advanced but I got over 70% for extension. My...
  12. H

    Permutation and combination question (pretty tough)

    Jessica is about to walk a flight 10 stairs. She can take either one or two stairs at a time. How many different ways can she walk up the flight of stairs? The answer is 89, just not sure how