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  1. katiekms

    Does anyone else LOVE standard 2 maths?

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but i love it so much. it’s the only subject that i enjoy doing and studying for. i just find it fun for some reason. nobody in my class really likes it which makes me feel alone in my love ❤️ on another note, we need more people posting in this forum. it’s so...
  2. X

    Project academy for 3unit maths

    Hi has anyone been project academy for 3u maths? I’d like to join as du got too competitive and fast paced and I’m falling behind in maths a bit. But it’s my first time hearing of the centre itself so idk
  3. X

    is there still hope for me...

    I got my prelim adv task 1 back and I did so bad. Like my class average was 90+% and I got WAY below. Like ranking LOW in my class. I understood all the questions and the only mistakes I made were silly calculation errors (I subbed in the wrong numbers), working out was too messy and for some...
  4. B


    Hi! I'm Brian and I graduated as dux of St Aloysius (6th in state) in 2023. I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in maths / Science (Computer Science) at UNSW. I have developed material for tutoring centres and tutored students from top selective schools such as Sydney Boys...
  5. S

    Should I study for 2 Unit if I do 4 Unit?

    Hello Everyone, I just recently got promoted to Year 12, and got into 4 Unit. People tell me its kind of a tough subject and I can already see why. Now my problem is that the first term exams are gonna happen for me about in a month's time, and I want to do exceptional in 4 Unit. I found out...
  6. M

    Best NESA Approved Calculators

    What's the best NESA approved calculator for math E1/E2. I'm talking as many functions as possible like vectors, complex numbers etc
  7. F

    What should i do? (Going into maths year 11 related)

    Hey recently I did a 5.3 maths test, I'm in year 10, I just finished it and I know I did really shit because I fucked up alot of the questions because of pressure My test mark before was 49% and I'm not too optimistic about the one coming up. I'm wondering if I should continue trying to do 5.3...
  8. SB257426

    How am I supposed to parts b) and c)

    I got part a) but i don't know if im being dumb or something i cant get b or c.
  9. M

    Math Advanced

    Is the course difficult, do you think it's worth doing for only 2 units? How's the jump between standard 2 and advanced since they are both 2u
  10. M

    Not Sure Whether To Drop PE And Pickup A VET Course for a 90+ ATAR pathway

    Hey Everybody, I'm a year 11 student that is currently undertaking Maths Advanced, English Standard, Investigating Science, Business Studies and PDHPE. I am doing quite well in Math and my goal is to get a 90+ ATAR. I'll be honest I dislike PDHPE as a subject and I want to drop it. Since I will...
  11. O

    Maths Advance Marking

    I just want to know what you guys think Maths Advance scales like. Like for example, approximately what would be my scaled final mark if I get a raw mark of 65 in Advance maths? And what would a mark like 75 (raw) scale like?
  12. A


    i actually dont know anything about perms and combs and i have a exam which has it. in literally 3 weeks. ive watched a thousand youtube videos but its so conceptually hard to get cause there arent many formulas that idek where to start. i look at my textbook and be like WTAF is going on. how do...
  13. neqr1te

    Should I drop Maths Ext.1?

    So I got my marks back for the prelim yearlys and unfortunately I kinda flunked mx.1 (below 40% 😬).. I'm not sure what the average actually was but I do know that a lot of people I talked to got around the same or even lower than me. I can def say that I probably got a below average mark though...
  14. E

    melbourne alternatives to dr du/kurt/ngo and sons

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew intense math tutoring centres like dr du/kurt/ngo and sons in Melbourne that are catered to students sitting the VCE from the top high schools? I feel like there is this sort of trauma bondage between dr du/kurt/ngo and sons students, like a love/hate...
  15. H

    James Ruse graduate selling CHEAP school and tutoring resources (math, eng, chem, modern history, music; year 10-12)

    Math: Year 9-10 Ngo and Sons homework sets. Have it all for $10. I have notes too for free if you want Year 12 HSC Math private tutor notes and problem sets (3 folders of problems and hand written notes across a few books) buy all for $20 Year 12 HSC Ext 1 Math Dr. Du homework booklets, DONE IN...
  16. D

    Mistakes Book

    Hi all, I am thinking about starting a mistakes book to get into a good habit of writing down all my mistakes. However, I have never done this before so any advice would be great. Thank you
  17. L

    Tutoring Alternatives for Kurt

    I’m a Year 11 student- went to Kurt in Year 9 & 10 and found it really good- the maths was fun and I was able to extend myself with other students from top selective schools, like me. However, I had to quit because I live 1.25 hours away and travelling that far was no longer a viable option...
  18. S

    Question for 2 problems

    I didn't realise physics was going to be mixed into vectors, so I'm having a tough time trying to grasp both ideas of physics and maths to answer these two questions. Help would be greatly appreciated