1. B

    Experienced K-10 Maths Tutor - $25/hour

    Hi there! I'm currently a Year 12 student doing the HSC (taking Extension 2 Maths). I am offering Maths and Chinese tutoring to students from Years K to 10. I ranked 1st internally for Maths Advanced in Year 11 and have had 2 years of private tutoring experience for a range of year levels and...
  2. ItsNotHSC

    Extension Question - Arcs / Radians

    Anyone know how to solve this one (q20 11I Cambridge Extension 1 Year 11): A certain hill is represented by a hemisphere of a radius 1km. A man 180cm tall walks down the hill from the summit S at 6km/h. How long (correct to the nearest second) will it be before he is invisible to a person lying...
  3. D

    Looking for a tuition.

    I'm in year 10 and am doing Ext. Maths, Adv. English, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and engineering studies. I am looking for tutors for these subjects, preferably not personal. Any help would be great.
  4. sami90210

    maths prereq for usyd

    Hi all, I want to study science along with international studies however I don't have the advanced math prereq for science. My friend heard from a student at USYD that although USYD says they look at an advanced math prereq to allow you to study certain degrees (science, math, engineering...
  5. D

    Question help

    The polynomial P(x) = x^2 + ax + b has a zero at x=2. When P(x) is divided by x+1, the remainder is 18. Find the value of a and b. Would appreciate all help, thanks :)
  6. scholarpuppy

    YR11 SUBJECT SELECTION help! thanks xx

    Hello! I am YR10 in a top selective school, soon going to go through the YR11 subject selection process and willing to accept any advice at all. I am aiming to get a 98+ atar and I hope to study entrepreneurship/economics and design a double degree or medicine. Thank you. I plan on taking: -...
  7. J

    Can I get some help with questions?

    1. From a point P, a person observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a cliff A is 40°. After walking 100 m towards A along a straight road inclined upwards at an angle of 15° to the horizontal, the angle of elevation of A is observed to be 50°. Find the vertical height of A above P...
  8. J

    Past Papers? - Maths Advanced 2021

    Does anyone have any past half-yearly and yearly papers of preliminary maths advanced?
  9. S

    MX1 Help

    Stuck on these 4 questions, would be great if someone helped out :)
  10. Zayan

    I need some Help

    I am currently in 5.2 Maths. I really want to do Ext 1 Mathematics as my year 11 course, but need to achieve 95% and move to 5.3 in less than 6-7 months. Do you guys have tips so I can get around 90%+ on my tests and move up. (main weakness is extended algebra and trig)
  11. M

    Perms and Coms question

    Hi I need help with a question from the Cambridge 2u textbook (EX1C 13) A piece of paper 0.01mm thick is folded successively 100 times. How thick is it now? Most of the questions were alright but this one really stumped me. Any help would be great.
  12. S

    Selling Textbooks and Extensive Notes For Std English, Biology, Std Maths, Food Technology and Drama

    Hey everyone, In English Standard, Biology and Standard Mathematics, I am ranked 3rd and in Food Technology and Drama I am ranked 1st. So over the course of the HSC I have made comprehensive notes and collected various resources that were very useful during my HSC year. Most of my notes are...
  13. Y

    Quick Maths Q.

    Hello, hello! I'll cut right to it. I'm confused why the answer is 16 - and feel especially stupid because you get that from 249 - 233, however i don't see the connection. Can someone explain this to me? The sum of 50 terms of an arithmetic series is 249 and the sum of 49 terms of the...
  14. TamzidZ

    Kinda wanna sit a crisp hand written 1900s HSC paper

    Ya know a hand written paper feels like some love and affection was put into it. Only me?
  15. T

    basic trig question

    Hi Guys, In the screenshot I've attached (from my textbook), how is that 100 degree angle as well as that -40, 320 degree angle possible? I would have thought they would be around 350 and 100 respectively? Sorry if I'm missing something really obvious
  16. M

    Statistics (urgent)

    If anyone can help tell me how to answer this question, or help guide me on how I can answer this and check my answers, it is much appreciated. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful wrist condition that can be treated with surgery or less invasively with wrist splints. In a study of 180 patients...
  17. M

    Statistics and probability help

    I was wondering if someone could help me with this question? this one has really confused me, and unfortunately is worth 14 marks. Q: Wildlife biologists inspect 157 deer taken by hunters and find 33 of them carrying ticks that test positive for lyme disease. Previous data indicates that the...
  18. K


    Hi! I’m Kim, I graduated James Ruse in 2019 and am studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science / Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Sydney. I am an experienced tutor, having private tutored for over a year, aswell as having lectured at the Earth Science Olympiad Summer School in 2020 and...
  19. G

    Actuary vs Optometry

    Hey all, I'm choosing between Actuarial Studies/IT at Macquarie and Optometry at Geelong/Queensland (I received both offers.) I live in Sydney and have an ATAR of 95.35. I love maths and science/physics so both courses really appeal to me. I've given this a lot of thought throughout the year and...
  20. periodmami

    Modern History or Maths Standard 2?

    Wow, what a conflicting situation I'm in. I'm going into year 11 this year, and all of this world war 3 chat has made me realise how much I love studying war and understanding all that is 'Modern history'. I'm super interested in the way the world operates, and I want to learn all about it. On...