1. J

    HSC Performances

    Hey guys, looking for 4 drum pieces for my HSC performances .. preferably rock and not insanely difficult let me know what you guys have got! Thanks
  2. Jarjarbinx

    casual tutoring available !

    :biglaugh: Hello ! I'm Bianca, from the class of 2020 ! I recently completed my HSC with some decent results and would love to share some of my advice through zoom-style casual sessions ! You can schedule a session or two with me to look over essays, notes, assignments etc : ) here are my...
  3. S

    Rock Viva Voce

    Hi all, So I've got my year 12 Rock Viva that I'm working on, but I'm not sure on what a good thesis statement is. I've got a few songs I can use and I'm able to comment on the different concepts of music for them but I'm yet to think of a good concept based thesis. Any suggestions would be...
  4. puffnicole

    stage fright and performance anxiety

    so i am a singer and i play guitar so i have to do performances for most of the assignments and i still have nerves all the time before presenting. my heart beats faster and louder and my breath gets all shaky and it ruins the whole performance basically. im really trying to get out of my shell...