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  1. S

    Biology Preliminary syllabus notes - yr 11

    Hi, just thought I should share my biology syllabus notes covering modules 1, 2 and 3 and each dot point in the syllabus. I hope this helps :)
  2. O

    W.H Auden Notes

    Does anyone have W.H.Auden notes on his poems they are willing to share. plz chuck us
  3. J

    Economics Exam

    I have an economics exam in around 2-3 months How do I even start to study for my Premilinary Year 11 exam? Also if you dont mind sending me some past papers that will be helpful
  4. S

    legal exam structure

    hey y'all does anyone know the structure of prelim exams generally? I know there's multiple choice and some short answers on the legal system, extended response on the individual and technology and essay on law in practice/reform in action. anyone know what is on individual and the law and what...