1. J

    Economics assesment

    Can someone please explain this assesment question too me its for a test and I dont understand what its even asking me and how to even write for it. cheers “Discuss the determination of equilibrium prices and quantities in markets. Explain how changes in demand and supply conditions can alter...
  2. JohnnySins101

    Urgent Help, Economics assignment, Wage Growth

    Hi, Everyone I need help answering this question for my assessment task, Thanks in advance “Australia’s rate of wages growth appears to have troughed and there are reports that some employers are finding it more difficult to hire workers with the necessary skills” Analyse the evidence and...
  3. 2

    assistance in creative writing please

    Up until this year, I cannot remember having to write a creative response since year 9. However, I've noticed a recent theme of multiple creative tasks being assigned as homework or in class activities. I would like to think I am relatively good at essays and achieve high marks, but I cant...
  4. J

    Can I get some help with questions?

    1. From a point P, a person observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a cliff A is 40°. After walking 100 m towards A along a straight road inclined upwards at an angle of 15° to the horizontal, the angle of elevation of A is observed to be 50°. Find the vertical height of A above P...
  5. T

    What should I drop 2022 HSC!!!!!

    I'm a current year 11 and I know this may be too early in the year to think about but I'm wondering what should subjects I should drop and whether I should do 10/12 units. So currently, I do maths adv/ext, economics, chem, physics and ancient history. I'm going to do ext 2 maths in year 12 as...
  6. sophieecam

    I need people to do my survey! (Preliminary Society and Culture)

    Hi everyone! I'm a Year 11 Student doing Preliminary Society and Culture and for one part of our first assessment task we need to do a survey (link in the document below) and analyze the results. I really need people to do my survey so If anybody took the time to do my survey I would really...
  7. M

    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    How do you achieve good marks in year 11 math? I know it's a very vague question so I wouldn't mind a vague response. But any help/tips are appreciated:) So, I want to know if PRACTICE is the only method in conquering math and what can I do additionally to boost myself ahead of my peers to...
  8. sophieecam

    German Continuers: Will I find the course easy or hard?

    I am a year 10 student who is going into year 11 next year and I recently found out that I was accepted into the German Continuers Course, and I was wondering how much content there is and if I will find the course easy because my mums German and she taught me German from a young age. I can...
  9. L


    Selling business studies notes for preliminary course. :angel: Very comprehensive and covers every syllabus dot point. Will help you for yearly exam !!! 80 PAGES IN TOTAL Full completed notes available for $5.00 Email any inquiries to Please provide email upon purchase...
  10. S

    legal exam structure

    hey y'all does anyone know the structure of prelim exams generally? I know there's multiple choice and some short answers on the legal system, extended response on the individual and technology and essay on law in practice/reform in action. anyone know what is on individual and the law and what...
  11. claudiflower

    What English Paragraph Structure Acronym Should I Be Using???

    Seeing this was the last straw between me not asking and 100% asking this. What structure should I be using during exams?? I'm currently doing Othello for Year 11 Module B. I've heard PEEL,TEEL,PETAL,SEAL and more which is the best? is PETAL and TEEL meant to be used as two seperate. I've heard...
  12. kitty15003

    Food Tech or Visual Art

    Hi everyone, The subjects that I am doing right now (yr 11) are: Advanced English legal studies (distance) modern history ancient history visual art textiles The subjects I am the least confident in is textiles and visual arts,,, I'm definitely dropping textiles but I also want to drop...
  13. T

    basic trig question

    Hi Guys, In the screenshot I've attached (from my textbook), how is that 100 degree angle as well as that -40, 320 degree angle possible? I would have thought they would be around 350 and 100 respectively? Sorry if I'm missing something really obvious
  14. T

    I want to repeat year 11

    I regret my subjects, and im either excelling in a subject or failing. English advanced/ extension -> I get like 80% + Visual Arts -> 90% Math -> i recently dropped to standard math because i was sick of advanced I was getting marks in the 70s which wasn't bad but i didn't care but now I'm...
  15. D

    EAS question

    Hi guys, I just wanted advice if anyone knows if I can get EAS bonus for minimal attendance in year 11. My reason being is my school is about 2 hours travel to get there by bus and the school was aware of my circumstances. I was having really bad withdrawals of whether or not I wanted to finish...
  16. D

    IPT Prelim Course Samuel Davis

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could lead me towards a copy of the answers for the Samuel Davis IPT Prelim textbook. They would greatly assist when the time comes to revise. Cheers.
  17. L

    Chemistry Questions

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if any of you knew of any websites or anything that are helpful for chemistry in Year 11 and 12? My teacher doesn't really teach - she sort of just reads out of the textbook and sometimes I need some extra explanation and was wondering where I could find it...
  18. L

    Subject Advice - Modern History vs Biology

    I've just started Year 11 with: - Advanced English - Extension Maths - Chemistry - Economics - Business Studies - Biology I got into my first class of biology and straight away I didn't like it. The class has 30 odd people in it and the teacher put a slideshow on the board for us to copy...
  19. A

    Doing math exercises ahead a waste of time?

    G’day fellow BoSers as the title suggests, is it worth doing math questions ahead of time from the class textbook of the teacher is eventually going to just assign us do those exercises? Would it be better to buy a separate book to self study and do the class textbook up to the normal speed...
  20. F

    HSC/Prelim Discussion Thread for The Class of 2021

    Hey guys, I'm a little new to this site! I'm looking to garner new friends and to engage in a chat with people who are in the same position as I am. In terms of subjects, I will be undertaking: English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Modern History, Biology, Math Standard, Business Studies Feel...