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  1. H

    Preliminary Engineering Studies Past Papers

    Can u all provide engineering studies past papers for me please
  2. elliott07

    yr 11 business Studies past papers anyone?

    does anyone have past papers that are recent? for prelim business studies, thsc only has old papers from the old syllabus and my school has only given me 2 to use
  3. jccc

    past math preliminary papers

    hi all!! i've never posted here before so i'm hoping for the best. does anyone have any past math standard 2 prelim papers? past papers are so hard to find!
  4. jccc

    biology preliminary papers

    hello! i was wondering if anyone has any biology preliminary papers? they're so hard to find 😭
  5. P

    Subject changes

    I am currently going into year 12 and do: - Math advanced - Math extension - English advanced - Chemistry - Physics - Legal studies - Studies of religion 1 I want to drop legal studies because It will not help me with what I want to do and I would like to pick up math extension 2. Legal...
  6. D

    Physics Practical Process Task

    Hi, I have a physics practical process task for mod 3: waves and thermo coming up in one week, and I am seeking general advice and any predictions on what could be asked. Thanks, Dhwanit
  7. D

    Topc 5 economics Exam

    Hi, I have an upcoming assessment task for economics, where we are to complete an unseen extended response, and it may be about anything related to topic 5 in economics, which is related to the financial markets in Australia. Does anyone have any past questions, which they may have received...
  8. D

    Chemistry depth study

    Hi, I recently received a depth study for Chemistry, in which we are tasked with creating a in depth question about the application of catalysts in the industry. After this, we will have some sort of in class assessment, for this. I am not sure what question I should do, and what they might ask...
  9. S

    ENGLISH EXT 1 help please!! text appropriations

    hi guys! just jumping on here for some guidance on my ext 1 preliminary english assignment. I need to research and analyse a text and its appropriations, covering the representation of gender/race/class. if you guys have any recommendations on good texts and their appropriations, I really need...
  10. N

    Physics Year 11 Assignment- Help me please!!!!!!!

    Hi so I was given this assessment task like a week ago, its due next week and I have no clue where to start. I, unfortunately, ended up with a teacher who isn't that great at actually teaching the content and he hasn't explained the assessment task well, so basically, everyone in my class is...
  11. J

    Got an N determination warning in maths standard grade 11 for an assingment. Will this ruin my hsc?

    I Got an N determination warning in maths standard grade 11 for an assingment. Will this ruin my hsc?
  12. moonbow

    legal vs society

    deciding between legal studies and society/culture but i like them equally so is there much difference between scaling (if u get the same mark for instance)? is there a course that is better for my preferred uni courses (international relations / political science / international law / political...
  13. R


    I have to answer this question: Write down the definition for the 5 core concepts using the glossary AND think of an example that describes the concept. (I have already wrote down the definitions for the fundamental concepts: persons, society, culture, environment and time. I only need the...
  14. chwabe

    Difficulty of Chem and Phys Modules

    Hi I'm wondering if there were any specific phys and chem modules that are harder than others and need extra study or tutoring on (for preliminary modules but opinions on hsc modules as well)! I'm going to be attending tutoring for module 2 of chemistry (quantitative chemistry) but I'm not sure...
  15. N

    Cambridge exercises: are they unnecessarily challenging?

    I have a general question. My school currently uses the Maths in Focus textbooks - they're clear, easy to understand, and the homework questions aren't too difficult. I, temporarily, wanted to give the Cambridge Year 11 2U questions a go, and I found that they are quite challenging and vary in...
  16. E

    Preliminary Exams

    I'm assuming most of you guys have your prelims this upcoming week or already had them this week! Best luck everyone. I just wanted to post this thread so after our prelims we could post our marks or talk about how we felt about them. I only have 5 exams this week out of my 7 subjects, what...
  17. T

    Evaluating the effectiveness of the legal and non-legal responses in the Caroline Byrne case

    Hi there. I have to write some PEEL paragraphs for an evaluation of responses in the Caroline Byrne case -- if anybody is unfamiliar, you should look at it. It's really quite an interesting case, and my opinion on Godron Wood's guilt changes a lot. I am aware of what the criteria mean...
  18. G

    human flaws in Othello

    I have to write an essay on Shakespeare's examination of human flaws in Othello/how they're a key aspect to the enduring relevance of the play. So far I've come up with two flaws I feel would be easy to discuss and provide examples for... BP1 Jealousy BP2 yet to be decided... BP3 Trusting -...
  19. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutoring help

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...
  20. G

    prelim content in HSC - maths

    I've been told that up to 30% of prelim content in maths is tested in HSC, but I was wondering if that 30% is kind of recovered/more so a foundation to concepts taught in year 12 or if prelim content is quite literally in the HSC?