1. burningfortime

    UTS Co-op BIT scholarship 2021

    Hey, I don't think anyone has discussed this yet for this year (if there is already a thread, my bad) but I just wanted to see how everyone else is doing for their written application!! Also, if i dont have any prior IT experience or extra-circular, would you guys reckon I still have a chance...
  2. queenb_3

    e12 application advice? help!!

    Hi guys!! So I'm drafting my e12 application for usyd and I was wondering if anyone have any advice to offer? What can really make my application stand out? The first question is about activities, how that would benefit you at uni etc. The second is in regards to best academic achievement...
  3. U

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-Operative) Scholarship 2020

    Hi! With cadetship and scholarship applications opening up, it's a great time to think about your options after high school. I'm pleased to announce that the UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-operative Scholarship) Program - or BAcc, for short - will be open for applications on Sunday 1st March...
  4. elephont

    Tutoring Scholarship Exams

    Hey, first post! :party: I was just wondering if anyone would know what would be in a math and english scholarship exam held by tutoring centres? E.g. Matrix/Talent100 offers scholarships and you need to do a math and english exam to make it to the interview stage. Any advice would be greatly...
  5. F

    Difference between 2 courses

    Hi there, I was wondering, what is the difference between Business Informarion Systems and Commerce Information Systems at UNSW? THANKS !!!