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society and culture

  1. h_s_r11

    Society & Culture - Personal and Social Identity - Short questionnaire https://forms.gle/j1rwCoou6Eg8EfdF9

    half way done through year 11 and it is making me crying anyways if you have a few mins to spare, please, please fill in my questionnaire for sac, it's pretty short and about how peers, media and beliefs influence personal and social identity, thank youu sm :) its not letting me post links so...
  2. M

    Please fill out my Society and Culture PIP questionnaire!!https://forms.gle/J2De93dJXMTRzo6i9

    Topic: Influences and consequences of internalised misogyny in film across generations.
  3. A

    Pip Questionere - https://forms.gle/YVpJDi5CdT7ub3WcA

    Heyy, my thesis for my pip is "Analyse the impact of female rock icons through time and how they have shaped the portrayal of women today". If you could pls fill it out, it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. A

    Women in rock PIP survey https://forms.gle/KQkHZgAANLtSV9MR6

    Heyyy - can u plss fill out my survey for my PIP. My topic is one women in rock and how they have changed gender norms:)
  5. H

    Fan Loyalty in the Music Industry -PIP Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/YF7JVJwfxyyKcbte7

    Hello, if you have the time I would really appreciate any responses on my form! Thank you :)
  6. V

    Please do my PIP survey: https://forms.gle/p6h3ys1rYtjmdsMV8

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer my survey regarding how digital media has transformed parasocial relationships and the negative ramifications of them. You do not have to answer every question but some are required for research purposes. Anyone who has any understanding of the...
  7. P

    sac questionnaire :)

    link is on my profile (currently struggling to find more participants hence why i posted here)
  8. P

    Experienced K- 12 English and Humanities Tutor. ATAR: 97.05. 1st Class Honours

    I am an experienced tutor, having worked with Primary, High School and University students for 6 years. Additionally, I have a first class honours degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Sydney. During my time as a tutor, I have developed a passion for teaching students the...
  9. G

    society and culture 2023 paper

    the depth study questions??? unbelievable how hard they were! the popular culture one was insaneeeeeee i do social media and i had no idea how to answer that... does anyone have multi choice answers?
  10. sophiie.burns

    MAJOR WORK ADVICE (from someone who did 3 major works!)

    Hey guys, Not sure if anyone will see this, but id thought I'd share my major work experience with those of you who are considering dropping or are doing major work subjects for year 12. Before I go on my little rant I want to say that this was just my experience with major works and...
  11. O

    PIP Questionnaire

    Please consider filling out my questionnaire, it shouldn't take too long and is mostly multiple choice. Thank you for your time! h ttps://forms.gle/2ntgML6TvQGsd3ML9 (it wouldn't let me put the link together, make sure you do when entering💗) (p.s. please feel free to move my thread if I put...
  12. L


    im currently planning/writing my pip and i am currently having struggles as to what chapters i should have my pip idea is - how has cultural diversity diversity imapcted the film industry? i have a few chapter ideas in mind - whitewashing - forced diversity my continuity and change is the...
  13. Y

    Places to get survey responses from Gen Y and older people? survey: https://linktr.ee/deahpiphsc12

    Hey guys, currently doing a google forms for my SAC pip and have chosen generations as my cross cultural perspective, but i'm having trouble finding older people besides people my own age to do the survey. Does anyone recommend any public online groups or forums I can publish my survey and get...
  14. Y

    PIP Survey https://linktr.ee/deahpiphsc12

    Hey guys! Currently in Year 12 and collecting responses for my PIP. Would be killer if you could take the time to fill out my survey. It's cross-generational so just pick the link that takes you to your generation. Topic is on the use of technology for escapism. Please share it around too...
  15. Y

    Society & Culture PIP Questionnaire :] https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf-aP0CYIBpVkbEgsr8_9zi7PWUmzd3Eqpr-aasvZh6asPbMQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Hey guys! I would really appreciate it if you completed this questionnaire for me for my Society and Culture major work! I intend to evaluate the extent to which horror has evolved in relation to the depiction of female character archetypes, and how the genre contributes to the formation of...
  16. V

    My Pip Questionnaire (https://forms.gle/zpJatZe6omHeEQJx8)

    Please help me out if you'd like to :)) My topic is gender stereotypes in romantic-comedy films.
  17. T

    PIP Questionnaire please fill out https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedzFTWzNrG_KK1VqphcEgVHPL9wzA-9mby3Wf2ZfD1F1A9ww/viewform

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to get people to fill out my Questionnaire. The topic is on the power of literature throughout history as a catalyst for social change on gender inequality, and how it shapes the understanding of gender roles in Adolescence throughout time. I have attached the link and...
  18. Y

    SAC PIP cross cultural component?

    Hey there, I'm having trouble deciding what cross-cultural component I should do for my pip topic. My topic basically focuses on the concept of nostalgia and technology - the function of nostalgia in the world today, how technology and media makes us more nostalgic and it's effects on mental...
  19. I

    help PIP name

    I need help choosing a title for my personal interest project, which is about the struggles multicultural individuals experience - My first chapter is about the struggles; identity, beliefs and socialisation process - The second chapter is about cultural assimilation in Australia, specifically...
  20. R


    Hey if anyone could tell me the continuity and change that has occurred in India's: -education -beliefs, values and lifestyles It would be greatly appreciate x