society and culture

  1. I

    help PIP name

    I need help choosing a title for my personal interest project, which is about the struggles multicultural individuals experience - My first chapter is about the struggles; identity, beliefs and socialisation process - The second chapter is about cultural assimilation in Australia, specifically...
  2. R


    Hey if anyone could tell me the continuity and change that has occurred in India's: -education -beliefs, values and lifestyles It would be greatly appreciate x
  3. E

    Should I pickup history extension?

    I really really want to do history extension but there are some obvious downsides. Like I‘d have to do it through distance education, it’s obviously difficult and I already do ancient + modern + society so the workload would be a lot. However, history is my absolute favourite and strongest...
  4. T

    PIP questionnaire

    Hi everyone - if you have a few spare minutes please fill out my PIP questionnaire - it should only take a few minutes of your time. The link is in the title Thanks so much!
  5. R

    PIP questionnaire

    This is a questionnaire for my PIP, if you take the time out of your day to answer, it will be much appreciated :)
  6. R

    PIP (please help)

    Hey, so my teacher said that my PIP topic was too generic and had been done a lot in the previous years which was: "How does the negative influence of Disney material manifest in children?" With this question I was going to talk about toxic masculinity, misogynistic views and beauty...
  7. M

    legal vs society

    deciding between legal studies and society/culture but i like them equally so is there much difference between scaling (if u get the same mark for instance)? is there a course that is better for my preferred uni courses (international relations / political science / international law / political...
  8. sophieecam

    Society and Culture PIP Survey

    Hi, Im a year 12 society & culture student. I would really appreciate it if anyone would spare a few minutes to complete my questionnaire. This questionnaire is open to anyone! Any help is very appreciated. The link is in the word doc below because it doesn't let me post links on the thread for...
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    I have to answer this question: Write down the definition for the 5 core concepts using the glossary AND think of an example that describes the concept. (I have already wrote down the definitions for the fundamental concepts: persons, society, culture, environment and time. I only need the...
  10. T

    Society and Culture Band 6 And Maybe State Rank?

    Hi! I was wondering if it was possible for a band 6 in SAC with an internal rank of 5-6 out of 13 students (with internal marks at 91%, 71%, 85%, 80%)? Last year the only person who got a band 6 had an internal of 96%... but I know a few others who got 90-100% in each internal task but didn't...
  11. T

    SAC Year 12 Practice Qs?

    Hey Guys! I've done most of the HSC past papers and the only 2 trial papers my teacher provided us with for SAC. I was wondering if anyone had trial past papers from their school or know where to get more questions? I've also attempted to reform a few of the syllabus dot points into...
  12. T

    Time Management Advice?

    Hey Guys! I now have approx 8 weeks till the HSC and I was wondering if anyone had any good time management advice? It's been one week since our Alternative Trials finished and I haven't really done anything proper yet (I'm burnt out lol but I managed to get in 3 hours overall this entire...
  13. WillyWonka45

    Help thinking of a creative Mini-Pip title

    This is honestly not important or crucial but I thought it would be a nice touch. My mini-pip is pretty much done and its on "the Importance of Religion in Australian Society" If anyone has some creative title relating to that i'd love to hear some
  14. 0

    PIP quick SURVEY

    Hey yall, could you please do my questionnaire for my society and culture mini PIP. It's about cultural identity for immigrants in Australia. It takes around 2 minutes to complete. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.:sun: The link is in my profile posts because boredofstudies doesn't...
  15. M


    HIII, for my PIP i'm doing the impact of anime on identity. Please fill out the survey below, it should only take 10mins tops. Thank you so much for taking out your time to fill out the survey and I appreciate your help. :) if you would like the link to the survey pls leave your email down below :)
  16. B

    pip questionnaire

    hello, i'm looking for people to complete my questionnaire about news literacy, hoping for some good results and answer truthfully, thanks this website wouldn't let me post links so i split it in two parts, just put it back together, cheers https://
  17. sophieecam

    I need people to do my survey! (Preliminary Society and Culture)

    Hi everyone! I'm a Year 11 Student doing Preliminary Society and Culture and for one part of our first assessment task we need to do a survey (link in the document below) and analyze the results. I really need people to do my survey so If anybody took the time to do my survey I would really...
  18. sweena


    Hey, I need some help with my subjects and I'm stressing out about it at the moment. I'm currently doing: - Math & English Standard (happy with this) - Distance Education Legal Studies - Visual Arts - Ancient History - Society and Culture - History Extention (I think I am going to drop, too...
  19. Z

    A Terrible Turn of Events For my HSC Life - HSC Society and Culture

    Alright... It's the night before trials, and I'm freaking out as I realise that SOO much content from within the syllabus hasn't even been taught in class due to an "excellent" teacher. I'm literally looking through all the work we've done, and I'm finding prime concepts that are being shown in...
  20. periodmami

    Need help with what subject to drop!

    Hey! Im stuck between dropping visual arts or society & culture. Currently, I am doing - Modern History - Drama - Visual Arts - Studies of religion II - English advanced - Society and culture Im currently ranked extremely high in all of my subjects (minus art because I failed to hand in the...