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  1. C

    2023 Trial Papers?

    Hello there! Would anyone happen to have some 2023 trial papers for physics from their schools? Thank you :)
  2. S

    Paper 1 English Advanced Tips

    HEY guys. how do you guys think I should tackle paper 1? like should I do the short answer first or essay first? In my trials I did essay first which my essay was quite good compared to a lot of other people but my short answer was really bad because of panic and running out of time. I guess I...
  3. SadCeliac

    Thoughts on memorising for Eng Adv Trials?

    Hi, my Trials are coming up really soon and I'm worried that I'll be memorising the wrong stuff for Eng Adv in the limited time I have left (haven't started memorising yet, English Paper 1 is on the 31st)... I am planning to memorise as much as I can across all four modules, but obviously that...
  4. SadCeliac

    Help with Trials question: interpreting a disassembler?

    Hi all! This below question was in one of the trial papers from my teacher. If anyone could provide an explanation / walkthrough guide on how to approach this I would greatly appreciate it! Part 1: Part 2: Thank you!!!
  5. S

    got my trial results back and need help

    hi guys, I'm doing English advanced, biology, business, physics and Math advanced and got my marks back for trials today. here they are: math: 45% physics: 60% biology: 85% business studies: 85% english: 95% my goal atar is 95, and i have gotten above 85 for every single assessment task for...
  6. dumplingky

    time management study tips for trials

    Trials are in like 6 weeks and I'm pretty clueless on how to start studying, how to manage studying for each subject and not neglect one or the other, things like that. I already know about general study tips like doing past papers etc. My subjects are 3u math, 2u eng, bio, cafs, legal if it's...
  7. S

    am I burnt out or just lazy?

    So prior to these past few weeks, I went on a study rampage. It was the summer holidays and I barely left the house so I could get ahead in the HSC, which I did end up doing as I covered half of the HSC biology syllabus and consolidated my knowledge for all of my other subjects as well, notably...
  8. jellyweetbix

    How to succeed after bad trials?

    So, I got the last of my trial results back today, and I'm not sure where to go from here, even in the subject I was most confident in, SORII, was pretty average at 67/100 I've worked really hard all year and have been at the top of my class for most of my subjects for take-home assessments...
  9. R

    HSC marks

    Hey, so I was just wondering, in CAFS i’ve got 90+ for all of my assessments, but for my trials, I ended up with a 81 and ranked 6th. If I try really hard in the HSC and receive something above 90, would I still be able to keep the band 6 or would the band 6 go to someone above me and i’d be...
  10. goblinslayer

    Trials advice

    Hi guys, so i do business studies and i haven’t gone over the content yet, so to not waste time would it be best to do open book exams for now? also for english adv how many creative pieces/discursives/reflections should i prepare?
  11. S

    Past papers or devote time to content for Trials?

    I've been getting mixed signals, between people who think that spending more time on really learning the content rather than doing past papers is better. And people who think that I should kill 2 birds with one stone and learn the content through trial papers - write down my mistakes etc. I see...
  12. A

    19/20 HSC crucible essay (ONLY $5)

    Hi, I'm selling my 19/20 of crucible essay (i got an overall band 6 in eng). dm me if you are interested. Here is a sample (my intro): As individuals suffer within stifling social structures, composers reach back to narratives of the past to hold a mirror up to their contemporary society...
  13. R

    I got over 90 in my trial... am I in a good position? (english standard)

    Hey everyone, I got 94% in my CSSA trial. For paper 1 I got 88% (35/40) For paper 2 I got 98% (59/60) I really want to do well in English, however I don't really know how hard the CSSA is in comparison to the HSC and if it's a good measure. Like don't want to instill fake confidence you know...
  14. queenb_3

    English 2020 Trials?

    Hey, Does anyone have any 2020 trials for English Advanced? Thank you!
  15. yooook

    2020 (Physics) CSSA - Independent - ACE HSC Trial papers!!!!!!

    If anyone has any of these physics for 2020 with solutions, please dm/pm me, I need to check if I got my answers correct! p.s ik its intellectual property, but if you could just dm/pm me the stuff through, greatly appreciated yoooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  16. Z

    A Terrible Turn of Events For my HSC Life - HSC Society and Culture

    Alright... It's the night before trials, and I'm freaking out as I realise that SOO much content from within the syllabus hasn't even been taught in class due to an "excellent" teacher. I'm literally looking through all the work we've done, and I'm finding prime concepts that are being shown in...
  17. S


    HEY, I've got the catholic papers for my trials. English Paper 1 on Monday, Paper 2 on Tuesday. I have done the absolute bare minimum study and don't know where to start. My texts are the merchant of Venice(CM), Mrs Dalloway/the hours(MA), T.s Eliot poetry(MB), and then Nam le love and...
  18. M

    How to study for English?

    I have no idea on how to prepare for English trials. Everyone says just know your quotes but they are so many themes and quotes to learn for a text. And the fact that the question could be on a particular theme makes it so much worse. So how can I effectively study and make sure I know all the...
  19. jarodphillips_

    Engineering Studies trial papers!

    Hello, are there any trial HSC engineering studies papers around? Much would be appreciated in this time