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  1. katiekms

    Is this normal for tutoring?

    So i do maths tutoring with this online tutoring company and i’m unsure if this is just a weird tutor (i switched recently as my last one left) or this is how it usually goes. So with my last tutor, they would find resources FOR me that helped me learn things, they would go through practice...
  2. A

    HSC Tutoring Starting at 35 p/h

    Hi Everyone! We are a small tutoring company based in Sydney and we have begun operating. If anyone is interested in tutoring for any of the following subjects, contact us now at asproututoring@gmail.com - English Advanced - Mathematics Standard - Legal Studies - Geography - Ancient...
  3. T

    2024 Private Tutoring (Math Ext 1 & 2, English, Eco, Physics, Chem)

    ☑ TUTORING AVAILABLE *LAST CHANCE* :angel: tutor-titan.com ❗❗❗ 0416301178 ❗❗❗ Hi everyone, we are a small group of recent high-school graduates who are looking to assist local high-school students in their preparation towards the HSC and...
  4. B


    Hi! I'm Brian and I graduated as dux of St Aloysius (6th in state) in 2023. I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in maths / Science (Computer Science) at UNSW. I have developed material for tutoring centres and tutored students from top selective schools such as Sydney Boys...
  5. tamdz

    [100% REFUND IF NO BAND 5 OR ABOVE] Experienced English Standard and Advanced Tutoring

    Check out fathaenglishtutoring! A private one-on-one tutoring at just $30 per hour, including a free trial to see if you like it or not. The tutoring landscape in Sydney today for English is bleak - many tutors opt to lazily write essays for students or pretend to understand the syllabus and...
  6. A

    Tutoring from 2023 Graduate | English | Maths | Modern History

    Hi all! I'm a recent 2023 graduate from a top 30 school in the state and I'm offering 1 on 1 tutoring for English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 2, and Modern History. Academic Achievements: ATAR: 98.70 English Advanced: 96 (Internal rank of 2/171)...
  7. W

    AI problem solver for HSC Physics

    Hi, some of you might remember me from the Maths forum, where I shared an AI which helps you solve HSC Maths problems. Since then, quite a few people have asked if they could get help on Physics too. So I spent some time training the AI on the physics syllabus... Happy to share that it's now...
  8. ashray3

    HSC Chemistry & Physics Tutoring from a 99.95 ATAR State Ranker + Huge Collection of Past Papers

    HSC Chemistry/Physics Tutoring Struggling with HSC Chemistry/Physics? Want to reach your fullest potential? I’m Ashray Sreenath, and I’m offering online tutoring for HSC Chemistry/Physics. My Credentials: 99.95 ATAR in 2021 HSC 2nd in NSW for HSC Physics: 98/100 97 in HSC Chemistry DUX of...
  9. S

    got my trial results back and need help

    hi guys, I'm doing English advanced, biology, business, physics and Math advanced and got my marks back for trials today. here they are: math: 45% physics: 60% biology: 85% business studies: 85% english: 95% my goal atar is 95, and i have gotten above 85 for every single assessment task for...
  10. G

    Best Chemistry Tutor for Year 11

    Hey guys, So I am planning on getting a chemistry tutor for Year 11, 2024, as I'm currently in Year 10 and want one that starts a bit early in like term 3 to 4. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on tutoring centres that are good. I've been thinking about Peak HSC and Matrix, but open...
  11. C

    Agriculture tutor

    Hey, I'm a B6 Ag student. I tutor Agriculture (Preliminary - HSC) if anyone is interested cos I know it's a niche subject so it's hard to find a tutor for. I also teach Biology (Prelim-HSC) and Maths (yr 6 - HSC Adv 2U) Can also sell resources if interested as well. Residence in Leumeah...
  12. T

    Finally, the GumTree for Tutoring is here | TutorHi

    I, like a lot of other tutors who use tutoring websites to find students, am sick of how greedy some of them are. Some take 20%-40% from every lesson. Others charge a bulky monthly fee! So we made TutorHi - a tutoring platform that plans to put an end to all this greediness and we're doing so...
  13. E

    FREE Essay Marking

    Hello, I am hoping to gain experience at essay marking and so would be willing to mark essays for free for a limited time. In exchange, please write a review on this post after you receive my feedback. My credentials are that I received 1st in class for english and Dux x2 at Sydney Girls (a...
  14. C


    🌟 96 English Adv I JRAHS English Rank 10 I 3210 UCAT I HSC All Rounder I 99.25 ATAR I James Ruse Class of 2022 🌟 ENGLISH ADV/ UCAT/ MEDICAL INTERVIEW Tutor 🌟 English Adv Year 12 Rank 10 🌟 3210 UCAT (98th%) 🌟 10 Medical Interview Offers 🌟 How I smashed my interviews to land multiple medical and...
  15. L

    advice for tutoring primary kids

    any tips or advice for tutoring young kids would be great! mine is going into year 4 this year. parents havent specified if they were going to try for OC though how do you structure a lesson? where do you get your resources? how to get kids engaged? etc. thanks in advance
  16. I

    Thoughts on SCOM Matt?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what your thoughts were on Matt Cash the math tutor who used to work at SCOM? Any personal, second hand testimonials or comparisons would definitely help!
  17. I


    Can anybody help rank these tutoring centres based on personal experience or word of mouth??? (Reasoning or partial rankings would also be greatly appreciated!!)
  18. I


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  19. I

    Skills vs Text Based Tutoring

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  20. I

    English Adv and Possibly Ext Tutoring

    Helllo everyone, Does anyone tutor english adv or have any recommendations for good englsih tutors? (preferably in western Sydney for around $50/hr)