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    Hi all, hope you are enjoying your senior years of study ;) JB Tutoring offers tutoring for Yr7-Yr12. All our tutors got an ATAR of 99+ (some got 99.95 ). Everyone here would be super friendly, supportive, as well as experienced. We will tailor lessons to your individual needs and help you to...
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    I, like a lot of other tutors who use tutoring websites to find students, am sick of how greedy some of them are. Some take 20%-40% from every lesson. Others charge a bulky monthly fee! So we made TutorHi - a tutoring platform that plans to put an end to all this greediness and we're doing so...
  3. N

    should I start english adv tutoring year 11? coaching college or private tutor?

    Our school doesn't offer standard English for year 11 or 12, and so everyone is basically forced to do advanced english. I just got my Eng advanced marks back and for the writing section, I got 11/15 for an assessment following a stimulus. Thankfully, there was another part to the assessment...
  4. H

    English Tutoring Places / Private Tutor Recommendation

    Hi. I am in year 11 and I am super stressed about English. Are there recommendations with tutoring centre or private tutors that I can go to? I live near north shore and Epping area and I am fine with any prices. I have checked out places like Delta and JP, but I found Delta too $$ and JP was...
  5. K

    Ace VS Zhang HSC VS Dr Du VS Sigma

    Which offers the best chemistry/physics classes in terms of notes, homework, teaching and quizzes?
  6. L

    advice for tutoring primary kids

    any tips or advice for tutoring young kids would be great! mine is going into year 4 this year. parents havent specified if they were going to try for OC though how do you structure a lesson? where do you get your resources? how to get kids engaged? etc. thanks in advance
  7. A

    Art of Smart for Economics tutoring

    Does anyone here go to Art of Smart for HSC Economics tutoring? If you do, could you give it a review? If not, what other economics tutors would you recommend?
  8. N

    Private Maths Extension 2 Tutoring / HSC Mark of 99 (2nd in State)

    Hi! I’m Nathan – I’m offering private 1-to-1 tutoring for Maths Extension 2. Year 11s and Year 12s are both welcome. My Credentials: 2nd in State for Maths Extension 2 (2022 HSC) ATAR of 99.95 Currently accepted offer to study Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine at the University of...
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    The first lesson is free! experience the tutoring first-hand! To apply for tutoring either directly message us on this website. Or email us at hivaofficial@gmail.com Our team of State ranked tutors and biology teachers are solely focused on year 12 biology, with the aim of creating the world’s...
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    Preliminary and HSC Tutoring | Accelerated YEAR 10 Students | LIMITED SPOTS | $30/HR

    Hi there! Are you looking for a friendly, knowledgeable tutor to help you succeed in your HSC exams? Look no further! Our team of experienced and qualified tutors is here to help you achieve your full potential. What sets us apart from other tutoring services is our focus on...
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    TUTOR: English (all) / Social Sciences / History / Maths (2U) - 10+ YRS Exp

    Hi All, I have over 10 years of experience in tutoring. Interest areas include: English (all units), Social Sciences, History, Maths (2U). Open to tutoring any ages. I’m a practising corporate lawyer but have always enjoyed education and teaching. I value being approachable, supportive and...
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    Offering tutoring for Maths and Physics

    Hello, my name is Scott. I'm offering tutoring for Maths Adv, Maths Ext-1 and Physics. My ATAR was 98.55 and marks are as below: Ext-1: 95 Ext-2: 91 Physics: 90 I'm currently studying Space Engineering at University of Sydney, I also received a high distinction (85+) for both of my maths...
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    Can anybody help rank these tutoring centres based on personal experience or word of mouth??? (Reasoning or partial rankings would also be greatly appreciated!!)
  14. E

    melbourne alternatives to dr du/kurt/ngo and sons

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew intense math tutoring centres like dr du/kurt/ngo and sons in Melbourne that are catered to students sitting the VCE from the top high schools? I feel like there is this sort of trauma bondage between dr du/kurt/ngo and sons students, like a love/hate...
  15. B

    Where to buy tutoring booklets

    Hi everyone, I was wondering where I could find Yr 11 and 12 Math tutoring content booklets from reputable tutoring centres such as Matrix? If anyone is selling them, please do reach out! Thanks!
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    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  17. I

    Skills vs Text Based Tutoring

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what your thoughts on skills based english tutoring (i.e creative writing, analysis skills and writing skills) or text based tutoring (i.e tutoring based on school texts). Please let me know what your preferences were for someone trying to excel in english
  18. F

    Changing tutors

    I was wondering if changing tutors in year 12 would be bad, in terms of stability and not being used to the style of tutoring. I am currently attending Dr Du in A3 class but I want to change to ProEd (Proficiency Education) because their sequences of topics do not align with my school's scope...
  19. LegoSlaughter

    IPT Tutoring

    Hi everyone, I know trials are coming up and so stress is also coming up too. If anyone is interested in tutoring I came 6th in the state for IPT in 2020 and would be happy to help anyone out doing past paper questions or looking at assignments, just send me a DM and we can chat. 😊
  20. I

    English Adv and Possibly Ext Tutoring

    Helllo everyone, Does anyone tutor english adv or have any recommendations for good englsih tutors? (preferably in western Sydney for around $50/hr)