1. A

    Survey about tutoring(PIP) https://forms.gle/pPwvq9KY7QjU5K9BA

    Only to be completed by those who graduated high school from 2018-2024 or are currently in high school! Thanks if you answer it! I would like for this survey to close by March 29th(around one month, hopefully ill have reached 100 submissions by then..) uh im not sure how to add a link...
  2. O


    I am a second year engineering student at UNSW with over a year's tutoring experience. I am actually interested in maths and have invested a lot of time into understanding (not memorising) the HSC and prelim content. If you want a tutor who can actually teach you an intuitive understanding of...
  3. H

    99.45 ATAR|Specialist Chemistry Tutor |USYD Doctor of Dental Medicine|BHHS Graduate

    Hi! My name is Sheng and I am a 2023 Baulkham Hills High School graduate. I will be studying a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine double degree at USYD. I achieved: 96 HSC Chemistry 96 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 94 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 94 HSC Physics I am offering...
  4. J

    Need help with tutoring

    I haven't gone to tutoring in a long time and I want to in year 12 for Math adv, standard eng and chem. I was considering going to art of smart for 1 on 1 but i haven't heard much from other students about them. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks :)
  5. S

    ⭐Did you know you can transfer into a selective school from Years 7 to 10?⭐

    🚨Do you feel like your Year 6 selective results do not reflect your true abilities? Is your academic potential being wasted at your current school? 🚨 The Selective School entry process in Year 6 is undoubtedly competitive, and many bright students face challenges in securing admission. 😡...
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    99.55 ATAR || 97 HSC CHEMISTRY MARK || PRIOR TUTORING EXPERIENCE || HSC ALL ROUNDER Hello, My name is Suleyman and I graduated in 2023 with an atar of 99.55. I specialise in HSC Chemistry. Before year 12, I was averaging 60s in year 11 Chemistry, however by making small adjustments to my study...
  7. E

    zhangs or ace for CHEMISTRY?

    hi, I go to PEAK for chemistry (year 11), but I want to change next term. I was thinking either Zhangs or Ace. I also thought matrix but i heard that they were a bit on the easier side (not 100% sure about that tho). Anyways can someone who went to either or them, or just in general suggest...
  8. A

    Is learning something at school and going home and revising the exact thing you learnt at school effective?

    Is learning something at school and going home and revising the exact thing you learnt at school effective? E.g Learning functions at school and going home and revising that exact thing. Thanks!
  9. I

    Matt Cash Mathematics

    Does anybody go Matt Cash Mathematics? I am planning to attend for Year 11 Maths extension 1 / advanced. How is the teachers and teaching, resources and why should I choose mcm over other tutors?. Also when do classes start for Year 11 Mx1 if anybody knows that is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  10. Y

    A1 Ext 1 / Ext 2 at Dr Du

    Does anybody do A1 Extension 2 (or extension 1) Maths at Dr. Du?. If so, how is the teaching and resources and why should I choose it over other tutoring centers? Thanks!
  11. A

    Does anybody know when Matt cash classes start for MX1 / Advanced?

    Does anybody know when Matt cash classes start for MX1 / Advanced? Also would he be teaching that class?
  12. 0

    ATAR 99.95+ PHD degree tutor are here to help :)

    Hi all, hope you are enjoying your senior years of study ;) JB Tutoring offers tutoring for Yr7-Yr12. All our tutors got an ATAR of 99+ (some got 99.95 ). Everyone here would be super friendly, supportive, as well as experienced. We will tailor lessons to your individual needs and help you to...
  13. Y

    Best tutoring for extension 1 other than Dr Du?

    Best tutoring for extension 1 other than Dr Du? Thanks!
  14. A

    Anybody go to Proficiency education?

    Anybody go to Proficiency education? (kinda doubt it) but if anybody goes How is it?
  15. ashray3

    HSC Chemistry & Physics Tutoring from a 99.95 ATAR State Ranker + Huge Collection of Past Papers

    HSC Chemistry/Physics Tutoring Struggling with HSC Chemistry/Physics? Want to reach your fullest potential? I’m Ashray Sreenath, and I’m offering online tutoring for HSC Chemistry/Physics. My Credentials: 99.95 ATAR in 2021 HSC 2nd in NSW for HSC Physics: 98/100 97 in HSC Chemistry DUX of...
  16. S

    click if u wanna state rank chem

    I understand the hate for people who sell their own notes or resources, but these resources are from a popular tutoring company (dm for name), and tbh I'm scared they can track it back to me lol, tried to make prices as reasonable as possible cause I was BROKE in yr 12 but the game is the game...
  17. M

    Matrix Atar Calculator Questions

    How accurate is the matrix education atar calculator? Also, do you put in your raw marks or your scaled mark estimates?
  18. rev668

    Best math adv tutoring center

    Whats the best tutoring center for math advanced? i went to dr du for a bit but it didn't really work w me although the material was alright. I'm not looking for a private since material is better and centers, I'm considering dr du again or maybe ngo sons for yr 12
  19. W

    Zhangs any good if I’m failing chemistry???

    I’m not failing but I reckon I’m cutting it pretty close. And all the Zhang kids are getting band 6s so is it gonna be too hard? Also, I am in year 11 rn ans I’m gonna be in year 12 next term but they’ve already started the term for year 12 so… I already have a private chem tutor right now but I...