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  1. M

    SHORT survey! Desperate for answers

    Hey everyone, please complete this survey for my DATA1001 class: h ttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJ6mihMo1GXAPTFfNb4pfLSrUPD9551INPT17DkHA5R-9NGA/viewform?usp=sf_link Also (tit for tat) if you need respondents for a survey of yours I'd be happy to do one in return. Thank you !! :))
  2. spicypotatos

    how would I get into USYD vet school?

    hiii i'm unsure which course is the right one, i'm currently in yr 11 :)) it's bachelor of vet biology rightt also i don't take chem, but I didn't see chemistry as a prerequisite and I'm not particularly good at it so i'll take a bridging course later. how do i apply for usyd vet school during...
  3. S

    Usyd Dental "competitive WHAM/GPA"

    Hi, I am a first year biomedical engo + Medical science student. I am passionate about DMD and would love to study that at Usyd as a graduate. On the Usyd website it states to get in I would have to have a satisfactory GAMSAT mark, GPA of 5 in my undergrad courses while passing all the...
  4. M

    Switching from Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) to Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing at USYD

    I need some urgent help guys… At the moment I’m currently enrolled in Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies), but my end goal is to get into medicine, and I found out that there is a degree called: Bachelor of Science and Master of Nursing. The reason why I chose Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced...
  5. Huntress_Waffle


    I got in Eco/Law double at UTS via early entry. I was going to just go ahead with it, but my parents say I should do Eco at USYD then transfer to eco/law 2nd year. I don’t really think there’s much point to that because I know some UTS law graduates who still end up going to top-tier law firms...
  6. T

    USYD ATAR cutoff leniency

    Hi guys! I had a question and it’s kinda urgent but I got a 97 atar and I put USYD’s physiotherapy course as my first preference. The atar required is a 99.5 with adjustments but I’m not sure if I’m eligible for any adjustments. I previously thought I’d get points through the academic...
  7. A

    Disadvantaged pathways to Medicine degrees

    Hey there, I'm Marty, I'm a journalist at the ABC who's researching the positives and negatives of the university admissions system for future med students. In particular, how it benefits or misses the mark when it comes to giving students from low socio-economic areas (low SES) a better shot...
  8. R

    UTS Law

    Hey guys, so it's my first semester at USYD and im studying bachelor of engineering (honours), however i absolutely hate it and am struggling in it. I would like to transfer to UTS Law, however I only have a 81.15 atar. Can anyone suggest what I should do, as i am miserable and know i'm going to...
  9. Anaya R

    End of week 1

    Fellow USYDers, How have you found Week 1 so far? (Also if you are feeling overwhelmed there's a strike day in Week 3 so you may get a break that day)
  10. skellyman

    USYD enrolment question

    I'm a 2022 graduate and I've recieved an offer for Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) at USYD. After enrolling, and choosing all my minors and majors, I've had to request exceptions for a good chunk of my units, like requesting exceptions about increasing the limit on units (as is required by...
  11. R

    Bachelor of Oral Health/BOH offers

    Hey everyone. I really need some advice. I graduated in 2021 with a 92.20 atar. My first preference was the Bachelor of Oral Health at USYD. The indicative selection rank on their website for 2023 was 83. Firstly, they keep using the term selection rank but do not consider EAS or any other...
  12. R


    Hey, I'm undertaking the MOOC exam soon in order to achieve the prerequisites required for software engineering for USYD. I was wondering if calculators were allowed for the full duration of the exam?
  13. D

    usyd pharmacy transfer

    hello I'm a auckland university student from new zealand and I am currently studying health sciences first year I want to go to usyd next year through my WAM, and I calculated and it was 67, I looked up at the usyd pharmacy atar and it was 90, so I was wondering if I have a chance?
  14. C

    E12 help!!

    So I submitted my E12 application to SRS however, I also need to submit my gateway but they have different due dates. If I do SRS check and change to submit my gateway later would that mean my E12 application is eligible?
  15. T

    Bachelors of …?

    Hi guys, This is probably me just stressing out about random and irrelevant stuff but am I the only one really lost about what I want to do after high school. I 100% know that I want to go to uni but I don’t know what for. Me picking subjects for the hsc based solely on what I like probably...
  16. Z

    Transferring to Bachelor of applied science (diagnostic radiography) usyd

    Hi! I'm currently a first-year student studying a bachelor's degree at another university. I wish to transfer to this course, however, I realized how the course only starts in semester1 2023. The course was open to an application recently, and I have applied to UAC however I do not know whether...
  17. #26MysteryMarker

    Bachelor of Economics- Bachelor of Laws

    Hey guys, As you may know, entry into USYD eco-law is very competitive (arguably on par with medicine at other unis). Does anyone know how big the intake is every year? and if someone actually does this right now, what are your experiences? (pros/cons, regrets, advice etc.) Thanks.
  18. LennonTheLemon

    Arts/Law vs Science/Law

    Context: I am currently doing Science/Law and majoring in chemistry. I should still able to change to Arts/Law and major in music. I have a fervent motivation to do both chemistry and music, however, my passion for music slightly trumps that of chemistry. The reason it is a hard decision is...
  19. LennonTheLemon

    USyd Chemistry Help

    CHEM1911 or CHEM1991? I have met the prerequisite HSC marks to do both. If you have done either one, please let me know how rigorous it was and whether or not it was worth it. Was it a lot of extra work and were the practical projects fun/beneficial/wam-destroyers?
  20. J

    ( Please Help! ) with high school classes for university and atar

    Hello my classes are .Maths advanced .Chemistry .music .english standard .legal studies .modern history (soon to change to P.D.H probably) I need help on if i need to switch classes or not and are these classes good for ATAR and university (i have 2 weeks to switch) Also dont know if i...