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  1. P

    UNSW or UTS for bachelors of business?

    Should I do my bachelors of economics at uts or unsw? What are your opinions on the trimester system at unsw, work life balance, internship opportunties, pros and cons of each? I have always been set on unsw for its social life but now reconsidering due to the controversy of its trimesters...
  2. T

    Will I get into early entry

    I did good for the first semester of year 11 with all A's and B's but flunked prelims failing majority of my subjects, these are my NESA marks. Will I get accepted into early entry at UTS for finance, engineering or IT? If not what courses could I potentially get accepted into. Cemistry (A)...
  3. Canoeboat

    yo chat am i goin make it to early entry?

    you guys reckon im gonna make it in uts engineering through the early entry edge program? Im tryna get into Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Dip Professional Engineering Practice (Civil, Construction), These are my yr 11 marks:
  4. S

    University Transfer

    I am just wondering if I undertake the Bachelor of Business/Information Technology combined degree at UTS, would it be possible for me to transfer to the Bachelor of Commerce/Computer Science double degree at UNSW? If so, would this be the best method as both degrees from both universities are...
  5. P

    UNSW or UTS Software Engineering

    I have been accepted into both UTS and UNSW for software engineering, what are the pros and cons of both? I am having a difficult time deciding on where to enrol.
  6. Huntress_Waffle


    I got in Eco/Law double at UTS via early entry. I was going to just go ahead with it, but my parents say I should do Eco at USYD then transfer to eco/law 2nd year. I don’t really think there’s much point to that because I know some UTS law graduates who still end up going to top-tier law firms...
  7. T

    UTS BIT CO-OP or UNSW CS/Engineering or UNSW CS/SCI

    I'd like some help picking between these three courses. I want to get into medicine next year as a non-standard entry student, but that also means I'll have to pick a degree that I will be completely fine sticking to if med doesn't work out. That being said, I'll still have to maintain a high...
  8. D

    Till what date can I accept my Macquarie and UTS offers?

    I got in on Round 1 in macquarie, and im scared that the offer will lapse. For UTS it was the first (and only) round. So what date do i have to accept the offers by?
  9. S

    Transferring to UTS

    Hi, I am currently in Macquarie university undertaking a bachelors in mechatronic engineering. My GPA is about 5.5 and I was wondering how to transfer from MQ to UTS, before the start of session two and whether my units will also be accredited.
  10. T

    Early Entry in Year 11

    Hello, I have just received my first report for the first semester of year 11. I was wondering if it is possible to use that report for early entry into the UTS EDGE program or if I can even apply for this early entry scheme in year 11.
  11. A

    Law/Comm MAQ vs UTS

    Hello all! I am currently studying year 12 in the Sydney region and next year would like to study a double degree of commerce law. My first preference is Syd uni, although with the high atar requirement my more realistic options are Macquarie and UTS. I am currently having trouble...
  12. C

    early entry into law

    Hey guys, just want to know if you guys have any idea on whether getting early entry into law at MCQ, UTS and UOW is hard? If you guys have gotten it and don't mind, please disclose your approximate grades and approximate school rank. I go to a rank 30/40 selective school in Sydney and didn't do...
  13. R

    UTS Law

    Hey guys, so it's my first semester at USYD and im studying bachelor of engineering (honours), however i absolutely hate it and am struggling in it. I would like to transfer to UTS Law, however I only have a 81.15 atar. Can anyone suggest what I should do, as i am miserable and know i'm going to...
  14. J


    Hi guys, so I got early entry for uts for civil engineering a while back, and I was wondering if I didnt get the atar requirment for my course at unsw (that is also civil engineering lol), could I transfer universities or something? can't really find anything online that talks about this. cause...
  15. P

    WSU Bachelor of Criminology / Laws or try my luck?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering about whether or not the take the 2766 – Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws at WSU I was offered under the True Reward program or not, as I've heard mixed opinions about WSU. My plan currently is to take the offer, try my best in my first year and transfer to...
  16. F

    i need some advice

    Hey, Im in the UTS U@UNI program and I honestly want to leave. It sounds like a great program, but I feel like its not for me. Its a non-atar pathway, so its really meant for individuals that aren't at the top of their classes. Im honestly surprised my school allowed me to enroll in the...
  17. J

    Internal or external transfer??

    Hello. Id like to say good job to everyone finishing their HSC, it was a tough year. I have a question aimed towards uni students but anyone is welcome to answer My dream course is computer science or comp science / commerce. However, I am certain I will not be getting into the course. I have...
  18. heatblaster34

    Is White Card Training included within the UTS and/or UNSW construction courses?

    Sorry for posting here again about UTS and UNSW comparisons, but I seriously need help over this question, as it will make the final decision for which University to choose for my future. Anyone here previously enrolled within Bachelor of Construction Management courses between UTS and/or UNSW...
  19. heatblaster34

    UNSW vs UTS What should I choose?

    Alrighty, I am seriously in a tough situation right now because of course offers between these two universities. I intend to do Bachelors of Construction Management, but I am really stuck on which course/uni to choose to persue my studies. Please have a look at the course summaries below between...
  20. heatblaster34

    Questions about Bachelor of Construction Management and Universities

    Hi everyone, I have a bunch of questions for studying Construction Management at different universities. I am currently doing my HSC and I am really interested in doing Construction Management for my career. Although, now I am stuck in the dilemma of what course to choose between 3 universities...