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year 11

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    OK SO I HAVE CHOSEN MY SUBJECTS BUT BEING THE INDECISIVE ANNOYING PERSON I AM IDK IF I WANNA CHANGE NASDKASJD: SO MY SUBJECTS ARE: - English Advanced - English Extension - Legal Studies - French Continuers - Physics - Mathematics Advanced - MODERN HISTORY Backups: Visual Arts Earth and...
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    Should I drop Maths Advanced of CAFS?

    My school had really bad subject lines, so I am definite on dropping a subject when the Year 12 course begins. I don't know whether I should drop Maths Advanced or CAFS. I am doing: English Advanced, English Extension, Maths Advanced. Korean Continuers, Visual Art, CAFS, and Business Studies...
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    16 units????

    i'm going into year 11 next year (2020) and so far these are my subjects: advanced english advanced maths textiles biology chemistry physics so in total this adds up to 12 units, but i also want to do a tafe course worth 4 units, so all in all I'd be studying 16 units! is that absolutely...
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    Standard Maths Course now on Youtube

    Hi, the complete year 11 Standard Maths Course is now on YouTube. The link to the playlist is below. If you read the description on each video you will also find links to theory booklets. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2uwLfP-xViVQhkvV0gMpzs5XySep9_xW
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    Subject Selections Year 11 + General Questions

    It's subject selection soon and I'm really not sure what to choose. I'm worried that my subjects have too much essay writing and content, which will stress me out even more. I also still have to choose one more subject. Subjects that I'm sure on: - Maths Ext. 1 - English Adv. - Legal Studies -...
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    Subject selection help!!! (2019)

    My subjects are due on Friday 26 July 2019. I know I want to get into some sort of medical science degree of biomedical degree but my backup is nursing or pharmaceuticals. I was recommended by my Math teacher to take advanced math (2u) and my English teacher told me to do advanced English (2u)...
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    Complete Standard Maths Course on Youtube

    Hi, Just letting everyone know that the complete year 11 standard maths course is now available on Youtube. If you read the descriptions below each video you will find links to theory booklets as well. Check out the playlist which has the whole course in order and all the links to the theory...
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    Prelim half-yearlies for Advanced maths & Ext 1 maths

    Does anyone have any half-yearly exam papers (new curriculum) for Yr 11 advanced maths and Yr 11 Ext 1 maths they could share or send to me? Thanks
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    Mathematics Advanced + 3U Tutoring. New Syllabus Ready. Will do everything in my power to ensure you succeed in the HSC.

    Often, you find that tutors just teach content but don’t stop to make sure that their students actually learn. I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to help you succeed in the HSC. As part of my commitment to your success, I will provide 1 FREE trial lesson so you can be sure...