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2005 Arab Israeli Conflict (1 Viewer)


.The Master.
Dec 4, 2003
I reckon there'd have to be something on Super Powers mate...last year there was absolutely zip on them and they are SUCH a big part of the subject...I was spitting...got rorted coz they weren't there but I'd put some hard earned on a Super Power question featuring on this years paper.

Another hot tip would be to keep a tight knowledge of the entire peace process from start to finish...Meaning the meetings held by both parties and the documents created at conventions such as this - I'm talking things like the Camp David Treaty and the Baker initiative. Keep tabs on the timeline of this and the events that took place within it, meaning people and quotes and you'll be looking good.

I really think one of these 2 HAS to feature on this years paper. DOn't take my word as gospel but definitely make these 2 areas a focus. Best a luck. peace.

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