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Apr 4, 2014
looking forward to part 2 :)
ahem :/

it's already b33n @ w33k m9 - where hav u b33n
Patience bruuh

Post hsc period gets heaps busy ahah
My sincerest apologies guys. :/ I've not even been on BOS since like the 13th... But basically what Enigma said.

It was foolish of me to make that promise, retrospectively. The problem is that when I posted on the 6th, I had not even the slightest idea that I would be in a 2 days a week job which actually started last week. And since it is a teaching job, it requires a lot of prep out of school hours, which unfortunately takes priority over any BOSing (I haven't even had time to keep myself updated BOS-wise with TNT and other relevant threads in the last few days, which speaks volumes, since over the last year I have always been a daily user - i.e. I've been so crazy busy that I have even had no time for BOS lol :O)

Also, in addition to my new job, I have had many many pre-planned commitments and meet-ups, and in the midst of all that, study guide part 2 has been delayed. So I'm sorry guys :/ At the same time, you guys shouldn't be too reliant on my guide - it's simply my advice and my take on things, so don't live and die by the guide haha.

Anyway, I'll try my absolute best to get it out this week, especially since I can see a lot of you are keenly looking forward to it.... But no guarantees haha.


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Oct 11, 2014
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Just discovered this thread and it's already making a world of difference. Bless. Thank you so much for writing this - I genuinely feel so much more comfortable about doing this case study & economics in general now. :)


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Oct 4, 2014
Congrats again on your .95 man :spin:

Would love to see the second part of this guide if you have time, and even some tips on how you managed to do so well in the HSC in general :)


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Nov 10, 2020
A State Ranker's Guide to Economics (Part 1)


So, after requests from some BOSers (e.g. enigma_1 and hawkrider) for a guide to Economics to be written by me, I have succumbed to their request. Haha :D And, also, before I begin, it has been many months since I did Economics, so if there are many mistakes, please point them out. And feedback and questions on anything related to what I say or economics in general will be most appreciated.

First of all, for those who may ask, my credentials. I completed HSC Economics in 2013 (note – I accelerated it, and finishing my remaining HSC subjects in 2014). I got 97 overall (giving me a state rank yay!) – with an internal of 94 and an external of 99 (which was a raw mark of 98).

Now, from this, leads to one quick (I hope) point, which I like to emphasise and is also relevant for a lot of other subjects. Keep attention to the weightings of each school assessment you have and how much losing one mark in each assessment will be of an impact, and keep that in mind when you approach your studies. For example, let’s look at what happened to me:

So I had four assessments:

• A Case Study Task – worth 25%
o This involved researching your case study country, finding latest statistics on them, and being able to bring in one page of stats to a 40 minute exam, and then writing an extended response to a case study essay question given on the day, with the assistance of the one page statistics sheet you brought into the exam.
• Half-Yearly – worth 20%
• Research Task – worth 25%
o This involved learning and researching two chapters from Topic 3 (Economic Issues) – Unemployment and Distribution of Income & Wealth. All statistics had to be revised and updated. Then, the content of these chapters would be tested in two short-answer questions.
• Trial – worth 30%

Now, that may look fine and rightly balanced. But think again:

• Case Study = 25% weighting = out of 20 marks  thus, every mark that you lose is 1.25 overall marks
• Half-Yearly = 20% weighting = out of 70 marks  thus, every mark that you lose is 0.29 overall marks
• Research Task = 25% weighting = out of 20 marks  thus, every mark that you lose is 1.25 overall marks
• Trial = 30% weighting = out of 100 marks  thus, every mark that you lose is 0.3 overall marks

Now just look at that. Doing bad in that Case Study and Research Task makes a massive massive difference, and performing poorly in those two assessments are hard to bounce back from.

In the first assessment, I approached it wrongly, and got 16/20 – below the average of just over 16. I did very well in three other assessments (top or very close to every time), BUT I could not make up for that loss I had made up at the beginning. And I ended up ranked 7th after all internal assessments, meaning I was allotted a moderated internal of 94. If I had done even a few marks better in the first one (e.g. 18), I would have easily got 1st in the school for internals, thus receiving my external mark of 99 as my internal, and thus coming 1st in the state.

So what I’m trying to say there is every assessment counts and when you approach each assessment (especially in regard to time management), keep in mind the weighting of each task, what each task is out of – and hence the impact of each assessment on your marks and thus internal rank. This applies to every subject, and as you can see what happened with me, two marks in one assessment was the difference between 94 internal & 97 overall vs. 99 internal and 99 overall. So every mark does count.

So let’s see what I did wrong with the first assessment (and what you can learn from it) and this will lead into my actual tips for Economics.
Please could you tell me the best tutor for accelerated econimcs? Any useful resources, books, past papers etc....?

Thanks in advance

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