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Ages 13-19, look here! (1 Viewer)


New Member
Oct 5, 2018
Hello guys, I'm looking for ages 13-19 to complete my IRP survey on "can video games lead to a decrease in the emotional and social well-being of teenagers?"

I would love if non-gamers would complete my survey too (though my questions are more targeted at people who regularly play video games, I have a few questions that can be completed by people otherwise).

If you'd like to further discuss any of the questions, or would like me to clarify any of the questions to you for further understanding, then please send me a private message through Bored Of Studies or email me through Joseph_BJR@Hotmail.com.

Please don't complete my survey after 18th of December 2018, as the results will not be included.

And finally, here's the survey link:

Thank you to everyone who does it, I appreciate it a lot. Good luck to all of the other CAFS students. :D

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