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Ancient Exam Thoughts.... (1 Viewer)


New Member
Oct 29, 2003
Hey ppls, how glad r we that ancient is over!It's by far my biggest subject, theres just soooooooooooo much to know. My class did Agrippina II, Augustus and the Julio Claudians, Sparta to Leuctra, and Greek World 500-440. i thought the exam was great, (thats not to say i have tickets on myself, i think how well u go depends alot on how well your teacher teaches the course, and my teacher is bloody brilliant! but on the same hand if u dont put in the effort, what they do is useless) i was expecting something soo unbelieveably hard, but i was v. pleasantly surprised, i swear i was sitting there with a stupid grin on my face for the entire exam, tho i do agree the sparta section was a bit obscure, with the resources question, and i thought they coulda used a better source to let us show our knowledge a bit better tho it did allow for a wide answer. ive gotta say that i was lucky in the j/c's section , that i'd written an essay on almost the exact question they asked the week before, that saved my butt majorly. i absolutely hated persian wars tho, i just couldna learn it, it just wouldna sink in, but i think i went ok with that bit. what'd others who did it think?


.The Master.
Dec 4, 2003
Alot of yous are sayin it was pretty easy uh..good on ya..but if anyone from the bored of studies or some shit asks you how it was..carry on how fucken hard the thing was so they go easier on us kids next year! ;)


New Member
Dec 15, 2003
I thought the AH exam was great fun. It had some nice questions but I won't make any judgements until I see my mark. *touch wood* Overall the course was a blast and I hope everyone gets the reward for the effort they've put in ^^

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