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Any chance i could enrol in a yr 11 distance ed course at this time? (1 Viewer)


May 9, 2024
I know its an extreme long shot, but Modern History is so boring for me and I really regret not doing Chemistry. I talked to my school about switching from my Earth class to Chem (as it was on this line) but they didnt because it would be two hard and detrimental to my other subjects apparently. If I switch to a distance ed course from modern, I could argue that if it goes bad I will just drop it at the end of the year. Plus, I have quite alot of insurance as I am debating doing science extension at the end of the year so could drop 4 units. Idkk though. From some general research dont think this switch to a distance ed course is even possible, but worth a try I guess.
My reason is is that I barley am botherd to do work in modern- is it worth me giving chem a go if i would feel i would enjoy it- i just drop if it goes bad right?

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