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Any hope after screwing up project? (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jul 12, 2012
The project is worth a good 80% of your school mark towards your atar. We got our project mark back after trials, and so I kinda was hoping for my project to carry my marks but when I got it handed back to me, I was shattered. I put in so much effort towards this and I got a mark of E2. I could've scraped E3 with one or two more marks, but it doesn't change the fact that i'm pretty much bottom of my cohort consisting of 15 people. I haven't gotten trials back, but I'm positive I didn't do that greatly.
Is there no hope for my HEX mark? I only have 10 units, so it is definitely counted. Even if I do alright in the HSC, it won't bring my mark up by that much will it?
Feeling so disappointed, anyone out there?

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