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Any legal or non-legal measures in place to PROTECT manufacturers or suppliers? (1 Viewer)


but why?
Feb 28, 2005
blacktown sydney
i just did an assessment on the effectiveness of consumer law in protecting consumer rights and values and the community rights and values.
i cant remember finding any specific measures but if you have the excel guide its really helpful but quite basic. you will find it in the effectiveness section i think like page 200ish.


Hates the waiting game...
Sep 28, 2004
Office of fair trading, legal measures-federal and state, non legal measures

Heres some notes i made on the office of fair trading, and other consumer help groups-federal and state legal measures and non legal measures...

1. What is the office of fair trading?
Consumer laws affect us all. Every day of our lives we enter into numerous consumer contracts without even realising it. From simple purchases, like buying our weekly groceries, to the major purchases such as houses and cars, we rely on consumer laws working in the background to protect us.

Fair Trading’s primary role is to administer these consumer laws and look after the rights of consumers and advise business and traders on fair and ethical practice with the aim of achieving fairness, for all, within the marketplace.

Informing and educating consumers and traders about their rights and responsibilities is an essential ingredient to what we do. Informed consumers are the best defence against marketplace fraudsters.

This website is an effective communication tool, providing a thorough overview of Fair Trading services and information and news on relevant consumer issues.
What are some other consumer help groups?

2. What are some other consumer help groups?
a) State [NSW]:
• NSW Government home page
• Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)
Exposes and minimises corruption in the NSW public sector through investigation, corruption prevention and education This site is part of the ICAC's educational role. Information here is particularly relevant to those working in or dealing with the NSW public sector.
• Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART)
Sets maximum prices and undertakes pricing reviews of monopoly services supplied by NSW government agencies. It regulates natural gas pricing and third party access to gas networks; undertakes general reviews of industry, pricing or competition; registers agreements for access to public infrastructure assets and arbitrates disputes about such agreements.
• LawAccess Online
Provides quick and easy access to plain language legal information (including resources in community languages) and related assistance services in NSW. A legal topic index can be used to find resources on different areas of the law such as family law, drink driving and domestic violence. Resources can be searched by language, keyword and other methods.
• Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority (MVRIA)
A NSW government statutory authority, its main purposes are the licensing of motor vehicle repairer businesses, the certification of tradespeople working in repair businesses, the promotion of improvements in the standard of motor vehicle repair work and the settlement of disputes between motor vehicle owners and repairers.
• Office of Industrial Relations
The Office provides information about industrial relations issues such as award wages and working conditions.
• WorkCover
WorkCover NSW manages the State's workplace safety, injury management, and workers compensation systems.

b) Federal:
• Commonwealth Government
• Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
An independent statutory authority, the Commission administers the Trade Practices Act 1974 and the Prices Surveillance Act 1983 and has additional responsibilities under other legislation.
• Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Ensures fair play in business, protects investors and consumers, prevents corporate crime and helps Australia's business reputation. Formerly called the Australian Securities Commission.
• Commonwealth Ombudsman - Australia
Investigates complaints about Commonwealth government departments' and agencies' actions to see if they are unlawful, wrong, unjust or discriminatory.
• Consumers online
The Commonwealth Government's one-stop-shop for consumer protection in Australia.
• Dept. of the Treasury. Competition and Consumer Policy Division
www.treasury.gov.au/content/consumer_affairs.asp?ContentID=270&titl=Consumer Policy
Ensures consumers' interests and rights are recognised and accepted in Australia. It is also responsible for the implementation of service charters, consumer law, product safety, consumer policy and consumer information.
• ipaustralia
Responsible for granting rights in patents, trademarks and designs in Australia.
• Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs
The Council consists of all Commonwealth, State, Territory and New Zealand Ministers responsible for fair trading, consumer protection laws, trade measurement and credit laws. Its role is to consider consumer affairs and fair trading matters of strategic national significance and, where appropriate, develop a consistent approach within the framework of an agreed Strategic National Consumer Affairs Agenda.
• National Competition Council
The Council administers some aspects of the National Competition Policy (NCP) reforms, assesses governments' progress in implementing the reforms, advises on areas where more work is needed and provides public information on the NCP process generally.
• National Consumer Credit Code
In response to business and consumer concerns, the Consumer Credit Code was developed as a national initiative to standardise credit practice in Australia.
• National Standards Commission
Responsible for advising Government on the scientific, technical and legislative requirements of Australia's national measurement system, and has specific responsibilities for coordinating the national measurement system, ensuring that trade measurement instruments comply with international and national legal metrology standards, and for the completion of metrication.
• Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
Their purpose is to promote an Australian culture that respects privacy. The Office has responsibilities under the federal Privacy Act 1988 and provides information to individuals about their privacy rights, and to Commonwealth and ACT government agencies, credit providers, credit reporting agenices, and private sector organisations, on how to comply with the Privacy Act and related legislation. The Office also issues guidelines to promote best practice in privacy standards and principles, investigates complaints, and conducts audits.
• Product Recalls Australia
Provides up-to-date information to consumers about product recalls and allows information to be shared between regulators. Co-ordinated by the Consumer Affairs Division of the Dept. of Treasury.

c) Non Government Organisations:
• Australian Consumers' Association (ACA)
A non-profit, non-party political organisation, representing and acting in consumers interests. They lobby and campaign on behalf of consumers to promote their rights, to influence government policy, and to ensure consumer issues have a high profile in the public arena. Publishes Choice magazine.
• Australian Privacy Foundation
Dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians. The Foundation aims to focus public attention on emerging issues which pose a threat to the freedom and privacy of Australians. It works with consumer organisations, civil liberties councils, professional associations and other community groups on specific privacy issues.
• Australian Retailers Association (NSW)
Supports the continuing and expanding success of the retail industry by: providing a range of essential services; creating a climate for favourable attitudes towards the industry; advancing retailing as a career; and adopting a lead role in the public debate on issues affecting the industry.
• Baycorp Advantage
A source of business intelligence for Australian and New Zealand. You can apply for a copy of your credit file from this site - a fee applies for this service. Formerly called Credit Advantage.
• Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON)
Provides an independent way of resolving customer complaints about electricity suppliers in NSW, Sydney Water and AGL. It also provides information to customers, community groups, industry bodies and other organisations. EWON is the dispute resolution scheme approved by the Minister for Energy and operates in accordance with the regulations under the NSW Electricity Supply Act.
• Financial and Consumer Rights Council (FCRC)
A non-profit, membership-based organisation working to ensure that all people, particularly low income and vulnerable consumers, have access to fair treatment as consumers in the market place.
• Financial Counsellors Association of NSW (FCAN)
A voluntary organisation made up of financial counsellors and credit advocates. This website has been set up as a resource for both the public, community workers and members of FCAN, to ensure that access to information about financial problems is easily available to all via the internet.
• National Association of Community Legal Centres
Member organisations represent around 160 community legal centres nationally. An index of all community legal centres in Australia is available.
• Private Health Insurance Ombudsman
The main role of the Ombudsman is to provide private health insurance members with an independent service for health insurance problems and enquiries. Formerly known as the Private Health Insurance Complaints Commissioner.
• Real Estate Institute of NSW
Information about REINSW services as well as other areas of interest such as transactional advice, membership directory and careers in real estate.
• Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP)
"Bringing consumer affairs professionals together
for the benefit of their organisations and their customers
through the commitment to quality, customer service,
choice, information and redress."
• Standards Australia
Develops business and technical standards.
• NSW Tenants Union
The Tenants' Union is a specialist Community Legal Centre that aims to represent the interests of all tenants in NSW. This includes private and public tenants, boarders and lodgers and residential park residents.
• Travel Compensation Fund
Regulates travel agents, provides compensation to consumers, and ensures that travel agents have and will continue to have sufficent financial resources to secure the right to trade. Allows you to search for licensed travel agents in Australia.
• Wesley Mission Credit Line
A supportive service which aims to maximise opportunities for people to obtain information about financial systems and to develop skills in financial management in such a way as to gain power over their economic lives.
• Whistleblowers Australia
The goal of Whistleblowers Australia (WBA) is to help promote a society in which it is possible to speak out without reprisal about corruption, dangers to the public and other vital social issues, and to help those who speak out in this way to help themselves.

hope that helped :)


Water xXx
Sep 16, 2004
thanx. these are all measures to help the consumer and protect them. I will write that the measures in place to protect consumer also protect manufacturers/suppliers also as it regulates their behaviour.

But that some consumers exploit the measures in place to protect them, ie suing the business when they have done nothing wrong - the case in america where the chick put the severed finger in the bowl of chilli and claimed it was in there when she purchased the product.

Does anyone know any aussie (preferably NSW) case study? It's so hard to find recent case studies on Austlii (because you have to search and then it might not be wat you need).

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