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Mar 22, 2019
hey! this is my first post but I'm a long time lurker, so hope I'm doing this correctly. if you could estimate my star that would be awesome (and if you have any success stories or can give hope that maybe I can still get an atar of 90+ even with these marks?)

school rank: 550+ (I know haha, have always been worried this would affect it)

subject: task 1; task 2; task 3; trial; (estimate of my rank since my school doesn't really give them out)
I'll highlight my best marks received throughout the year.

Advanced English:
task 1: 17/20
task 2: 22/25
task 3: 20/20

trial: 17/35
rank: (1/3)

Math adv:
task 1: 18/20
task 2: 24/25

task 3: 14/25
trial: 20/30
rank: (10/16) (guessing with the worst case scenario))

Math ext:
task 1: 10/20
task 2: 24/25
task 3: 6/25
trial: 9/30
rank: (4/6) (guessing with the worst case scenario)

task 1: 17/20
task 2: 29/30
task 3: 18/20

trial: 16/30
rank: (2/6)

Ancient History:
task 1: 25/25
task 2: 24/25
task 3: 23/25

trial: 20/25
rank: (1/12)

Business Studies:

task 1: 11/15 (was planning to drop this so didn't put much effort but then changed mind, my fault oops)
task 2: 25/30
task 3: 24/25
trial: 19/30 (guessing with worst case scenario)
rank: maybe top 5 out of 22?

As you can see I stuffed up pretty majorly in my trials these past two weeks. What kills me is I know that I'm capable of doing much better but with the trials I made too large of a do-to list, overwhelming myself so that I actually completed barely anything of it. I can bring myself to study pretty well when I get focused, but my study has been sporadic over the past few months and hugely inconsistent. If I drastically reduce this in the next 2 months, finish my to-do list and do heaps of past papers, can I get an atar over 90?? (even with my school's rank and internal assessments). Thanks for any perspectives! Soz for the long post, tried to make the layout easy to read

~ Also side note I know the marks for each assessment basically are useless and the rank is the main thing but I put them to give myself credibility when I say I know I can do well lol
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Feb 10, 2019
I personally don't know of any people that go to a school ranked that low (sorry no offence) but considering the small cohort, if you personally do very well in HSC (which you definitely have the capability to do so), you can easily get a 90+ atar. But also help out the rest of your grade as it will transfer all your marks higher = higher internal rank!

- your english advanced will be a very high mark considering its high scaling and also you coming first good job!
- study more on ancient history as you can't drop it with 11units


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Oct 26, 2017
It's really hard to predict because your cohort sizes are so small and your school is ranked low, but if you maintain your momentum and smash the external exams then you can definitely get a 90+ ATAR.

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