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ATAR Estimate after Trials pls - Aiming for a 90+ (1 Viewer)


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Sep 16, 2017
ATAR Estimate please

I was hoping to achieve an ATAR of 90+. Im studying quite hard following trials as I was ranked top 10 in almost all my subjects except 1 and then I didn't do as well as I hoped in trials so I subsequently dropped. I'm hoping to maximise my marks in HSC.

All my trials were CSSA.

School Rank: 120

English Adv:
Rank: 11/92 (There is only a 4 mark gap between my rank and the person ranked 1st.)
Trial: 83/105
Amount of Band 6's each year: 2017: 6 people (this was uncommon as the average amount of band 6's in our school is usually around
13. My teachers were quite surprised with the outcome last year.) 2016: 16 people.

Modern History:
Rank: 11/30
Trial: 69/100 - hoping to get at least a 73 raw in the HSC for a low 80
Amount of B6's each year: 2017: 1 person. 2016: 0 people.

Legal Studies:
Rank: 9/66
Trial: 57/75
Amount of B6's every year: 2017: 8 people 2016: 6 people.

Rank 4/12
Trial: 32/40
Amount of B6's every year: 2017: 2 people 2016: 0 people

Community and Family Studies:
Rank: 13/46
Trial: 84/100
Amount of B6's every year: 2017: 3 people. 2016: 1 person.
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