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Jul 25, 2013
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I'm starting uni next year and am planning on doing a Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Business Administration (duel degree) at ACU. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do after uni so I'm trying to keep my options open with exercise science, sports management and PDHPE teaching all possible options from this course. I've been doing as much research as I can but I've still got a few questions so if anyone who goes to ACU or does a similar course at another uni can help that would be great!

1. How much more work would this duel degree be compared to a single degree?
It's a four year course which is one more year than most others at ACU or other unis but that's okay, I'm mainly talking about per semester or week. From what I've read it's four units per semester which is the same as single degrees at ACU so would it be that different?

2. Is it wise to do a course that is split between two campuses and how does this work?
The way that it works is that the exercise science part is at the Strathfield campus and the business administration part is at the North Sydney campus, although I think I read somewhere that some of the business units are being offered at Strathfield next year. I live on the train line for both of them so that's not a problem and Strathfield is pretty close to me. However, what happens if I need to get from one to the other and don't have time to? How hard is it to timetable it so that this problem doesn't arise or so that I don't have to go to both in the same day? Also, is it possible to do some business units at North Sydney and some at Strathfield or do they all have to be done at North Sydney?

3. How much say do you get in the timetabling of lectures and tutorials?
Being a smaller university does this have a significant effect on how much choice you get in when your lectures and tutes are? If I do this course I'm probably going to end up with the two-campus problem and I also have to try and fit in work and dance classes. Obviously uni comes first but how likely is it that I'll avoid finishing after 5pm, particularly with a duel degree? Also, how hard is it to avoid getting days with just one class? If anyone can explain how the whole organise your timetable thing works that would be greatly appreciated!

4. Can anyone predict what the approximate ATAR would be for this course?
B Exercise Science/B Business Admin is a new course in 2014 so it doesn't have an ATAR on it, just nc. Based on other ACU duel degrees I don't think it will be too high but being me I'm still freaking out about it a bit, particularly as I don't think I'm going to get as high an ATAR as I hoped. Last year Exercise & Health Science was 70, Exercise & Sports Science was 74 and Business Admin was 58. Other duel degrees in similar areas were 63 (Nursing/Business Admin), 59 (Commerce/Business A), 79 (Business/Global Studies).

5. Would B Sport and Exercise Management at UTS be a better choice?
At the moment this one is the second choice on my list. I put it after ACU because it doesn't lead to teaching, is much harder to get to by public transport, seems to be even smaller than ACU (it's at Kuring-Gai not the city) and I don't really know as much about it as ACU. However, it still looks like a really good course and combines management and exercise science into one degree at one place. So, would you recommend this course at UTS or stick with the one at ACU? (My 3rd and 4th preferences are both single exercise science degrees at ACU)

If anyone can answer any of these questions it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

PS. This isn't really that important in which uni I end up at but what sorts of student clubs are there at the North Sydney and Strathfield campuses of ACU? My cousin's at USYD (I know, much bigger) and told me that joining clubs is one thing you really should try to do if you want to enjoy uni so it just got me curious. :)

(Sorry to whoever moved it. Somehow I completely missed the individual universities bit, oops!)
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