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Nov 23, 2017
Hello all, Just some quick questions about WSU Policing Course.
What's the difference between the leadership program and non leadership program?
what's this internship they keep talking about in the description of their course? It's something along the lines of 20 people getting selected.
Is the course compulsory in order to join the Police Force?
And What's the difference between Charles Sturt and Western Sydney's policing course.


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Dec 15, 2019
Hey, I'm not a police officer by any means but I sure as well want to be one, and have done hella research so I'm gonna try answer some of your questions.
~ no idea about the bachelor of policing (leadership course) at wsu, so can't really answer anything there. try calling wsu?
~ the wsu bachelor of policing (either one) is NOT compulsory for the nswpf. check the nswpf recruitment page for specifics. (the site itself has good info on getting in, but having attended one of their information sessions, I'll caution you that a lot of it is out of date. definitely go to an information session and take good notes - it's free to attend but you gotta get in and book quickly)
~ the csu IS compulsory, it's because csu is the uni that runs the actual Police Academy. the wsu is NOT compulsory, and honestly, I don't really see why you would do it considering a) expensive b) doesn't give you a leg up eligibility wise and c) the hassle of a whole 3 year full time uni degree
~ what is compulsory, however, is the csu ucwe, the prerequisite online course. from what i've heard, it's quite easy if you've done 2u hsc english and maths
~ deffo check out the ucwe facebook group for good info, the people are helpful if you have any questions. also messaging the nswpf recruitment page with any questions is very good, the person that runs the page answers very quickly and follows up on any questions they can't answer.
hope that helped. good luck!

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