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Band 6 HSC Notes- 99.00 ATAR, Ranked 1st (1 Viewer)


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Feb 25, 2018

My name is Mia, I just finished the HSC and got my results ending up with a 99 flat and all mid band 6s for Maths 2U, Business Studies, PDHPE, Biology and English. In internals, I was ranked 1in the year for business studies and 2nd in biology and PDHPE. I was also ranked 4th for maths and 10th for English.

I spent months finding resources and perfecting and cutting down my notes before the HSC. I would like to share my notes so that others can avoid spending so much time doing notes too- I redid my bus and phd notes right before the HSC due to the heavy content so that they were around 40 pages for the entire syllabus.

They are formatted by syllabus points with all key headings and condensed so that it has everything you need to know and nothing more. The purpose of this was to ease the stress leading up to exams so that I could revise all content in the minimal amount of time.

I have attached the proof form of my ATAR as well as the first 2 pages of my business notes to demonstrate the formatting and would be very happy to send my results table if PMd.

I prefer to make things simple and not sell my notes module by module so will just sell my Biology, Business and PDHPE notes as a whole for $20 each. If you would like to make things easier for yourself and purchase them directly through a third-party, I have them ready uploaded on this website https://notexchange.com.au/vendor/mia4652.

Feel free to message me for advice, questions, samples or anything. I also have a bunch of other things that may be useful such as planners I made, sample study timetables, essays etc.



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