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Aug 28, 2017
Since someone messaged me asking about applying to Baulko I'll just post the same stuff I told them! So I applied 2017, and I'm moving to Baulko this year for Year 11 (which is a bit late tbh). Honestly though, if you could move a earlier (year 9 or 10) do it and don't wait until your in year 11 lmao.

How many people tried out?
1. I'm not certain how many people tried out, but 5 people from my school (Girra) got in, and about 15 were accepted. However, I'm pretty sure that everyone who applied from my school got in (probably bc we're a decent school lmao). The other schools that I noticed were Penrith and NSG/SG (i forgot which one lol). However, I did read somewhere that 200 people apply in total, but that's for all the grades though. But mostly it depends on how many people leave to Ruse lol.

What extracurriculars do I do? What certificates did I attach with my application?
2. They didn't specifically ask for extracurriculars (until the interview, but I already pretty much made it in lmao). I did get distinctions for AMC, ICAS Eng and Science BUT I didn't submit those awards (which is pretty dumb of me, bc I should have lol). I play piano, so I put my Grade 8 certificate (honours) and Duke of Ed Bronze (I was still doing Silver at the time). I don't think I put anything else. I actually do a lot of other extracurriculars, I just didn't really have awards to put in. However, trust me, extracurriculars are super super important if your report isn't top notch. One of my friends (who also made it in to Baulko with me and is transfering with me) has a pretty good report, but he is definitely not the best. Like an above average student, but definitely not top 15 students in our grade. However, he is a sporting gun lmao. So, he definitely made it thanks to his really strong sporting awards and extracurriculars.

Is there an interview?
3. Yes there is an interview but not an interview in a sense. It's really where they just ask if you have extracurriculars/hobbies, and just make sure you don't get to stressed. The principal just puts an emphasis on mental health. But if you make the interview you pretty much already made it in, they're just assessing you (making sure you're not insane) and giving you the paperwork and stuff lol.

What if my yearly report isn't very good?
To help u out, I'll give you my report marks from the report I submitted.
Year 9 Semester 2:
Commerce: 92/100 (ave 89) A
History: 93/100 (ave 85) A
Music: 86/100 (ave 76) A
English: 91/100 (ave 84) A
Math: 88/100 (ave 84) A
Science: 89/100 (ave 82) A
PE/Health: A (we don't get a mark for sports lmao)

Year 10 Semester 1:
Commerce: 86/100 (ave 87) Rank 20/37 A
Geography: 92/100 (ave 89) Rank 18/120 A
History: 99/100 (ave 83) Rank 4/120 A
Music: 94/100 (ave 89) Rank 4/20 A
English: 96/100 (ave 84) Rank 4/120 A
Math: 81/100 (ave 77) Rank 58/120 B
Science: 93/100 (ave 87) Rank 7/90 A
PE/Health: A

They mainly look at your year 10 report, not so much Year 9 or Naplan but they do check to make sure you didn't significantly drop or anything lol. Judging from my report, I think I did pretty well. So don't worry too much about your yearly report, really try to get straight As for your half yearly! It's ok if your not great at certain subjects though lol (as you can tell, my math is really really really bad and I'm barely getting above average lmao).

But when judging marks, it really depends on your school. If you go to a decent selective school, you probably have a good chance of getting in (like I said, everyone that was accepted in my intake went to a pretty good selective school). One thing that did really screw me over, was how long it took to get my result. They normally post out letters/ call interviews during August-ish but it took them ages for my year because so many people applied. It really does depend on your year and the amount of people that try out.

But back to marks, I guess I have pretty good marks overall? From Girra, there were 5 people leaving. Out of those 5, I'm definitely not the smartest. In Girra, I can't say I'm the smartest either. I'm just above average in most of my subjects lmao, but I'm not really the best in anything. There are plenty of people that are smarter than me in Girra lmao. You just have to hope they don't decide to transfer lmao otherwise you have strong competition.

Feel free to ask any questions lmao, I'll try to answer them and update on how I'm going in Baulko. From what I've heard though, the math there is quite a jump (and judging from past papers I strongly agree) so I'll have to catch up in the holidays especially since my math is already bad in Girra lmao.


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Jan 21, 2018
sad in my school most of the time sometimes the report is not based of marks. So if i get 90+ percent in English but i don't contribute much in class discussions or not talk then I'll get a B.

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