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Dec 10, 2018
hello, I am currently a year 11 student who is debating on taking either Business Services or Retail Services. The subjects I am taking are; Legal Studies, English Standard, Economics, Society and Culture, Modern History and Spanish. I am planning to drop Economics and or Spanish in year 11.

As a future career I haven't necessarily made up my mind however I really like the concept of working in foreign affairs or international relations or just anything in Government. I am also really interested in history.

Anyways the reason why I am torn between these two VET courses is because Retail Services is considered more fun and easier (according to many people ive spoken to) than Business Services however Business Services despite it being a "boring" subject may come in handy in my future career.

If Retail Services is as easy as people considered it as it could boost my atar a little bit (if it works like that please correct me) and in my personal view it does seem like a fun subject however I doubt I'd use the certificate for a serious career in the future, it's more likely that id use the certificate and the skills for part time job whilst I'm in university.

Business Services on the other hand does sound quite boring to me however it might come in handy to my future career.

Thank you for reading, please correct any misconceptions that I have heard, all advice is welcome.

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