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Nov 26, 2020
So, I have 2 reports (600 words each, 2 case studies) due in a couple weeks: "examine why ethical behaviour and government regulation are important in marketing" and "explain how globalisation has affected marketing management" (they come straight from the syllabus).

Any tips on getting started with these? particularly with the examine question, i.e. what should my subheadings be?



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Aug 22, 2019
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Hey, here's some information I can provide:

Examine why ethical behaviour and government regulation are important in marketing:

Ethics represent actions taken by businesses to act as responsible corporate citizens within the community. Ethics in marketing refers to a combination of broad principles that establish standards of behaviour and guidelines for people working across the marketing industry.

The Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics outlines key principles to be followed in the process of developing advertisements.

Marketers are expected to engage in fair and honest behaviour when developing a marketing campaign. It is expected that when promotional material is distributed, this material represents information that is truthful, accurate and in good taste. Failure to do this may result in a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act.

The Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA, a.k.a.: The Communications Council), represents companies in advertising and marketing communications. AFA seeks to promote best practice in advertising by members of the industry. This also includes compliance with the codes and laws that affect advertising.

Ethical behaviour and government regulation are important as ethical behaviour ensures a business engages in fair and honest conduct, which has positive effects on customers' purchases (such as increased satisfaction) as well as their perception of the business, while government regulations control the behaviour of a business and ensure no breaches occur.

Explain how globalisation has affected marketing management:

Here you need to have a look at global marketing, including global branding, standardisation/customisation, global pricing as well as competitive positioning.

Global branding is the worldwide use of a name, term, symbol or logo to identify the seller’s products.

A standardised approach is a global marketing strategy that assumes the way that the product is used and the needs that it satisfies are the same all over the world.

A customised or local approach is a global marketing strategy that assumes the way the product is used and the needs it satisfies are different between countries.

Global pricing is how businesses coordinate their pricing policy across different countries.

Global pricing strategies include:

  • Customised pricing, where consumers in different countries are charged different prices for the same product.
  • Standard worldwide pricing, where customers are charged the same price for a product anywhere in the world.
Competitive positioning relates to how a business will differentiate its products.

To remain competitive a business must develop:

  • Product leadership
  • Positive customer relationships
  • Operational excellence
When going global, marketers have to correctly determine how they will deal with each of the global marketing factors. For example, will they use a standardised or customised/local approach? How will the pricing strategy be applied to a global setting? etc.

As for subheadings, they should give the reader an idea about what your next paragraph(s) will be address, i.e. they have to be clear. For example, if you're explaining how globalisation has affected marketing management, then your subheading should be something like "Reasons globalisation affects marketing management".

I hope this helps 😄

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