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Business Studies Revision Tips (1 Viewer)

Without Wings

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Dec 15, 2003
Here's some study tips from various members, feel free to post your own!

Multiple Choice Tips

Tips for answering multiple choice:
• Read the question before you look at the answers and look out for keywords such as NOT which can greatly influence your answer.
• If possible try formulating a general answer in your head before looking at the options to avoid silly mistakes.
• Read all the choices before choosing your answer, in Business Studies exams it is possible for multiple answers to be right though one being more precise than the other.
• For multiple choice questions in general, there are usually two possibilities that are obviously not correct, cross these options out.
• Unless you are certain or miss-read the question, it is best that you don’t change your first answer since your first instincts generally tend to be correct.

What To Do If More Than One Answer Seems Correct

If you're utterly stumped by a question where two options seem possible, here are some strategies to help you narrow the field and select the correct answer:
• Ask yourself whether the answer you're considering completely addresses the question. If the test answer is only partly true or is true only under certain narrow conditions, then it's probably not the right answer. If you have to make a significant assumption in order for the answer to be true, ask yourself whether this assumption is obvious enough that the instructor would expect everyone to make it. If not, dump the answer overboard.
• If, after your very best effort, you cannot choose between two alternatives, try vividly imagining each one as the correct answer. If you are like most people, you will often "feel" that one of the answers is wrong. Trust this feeling -- research suggests that feelings are frequently accessible even when recall is poor (e.g., we can still know how we feel about a person even if we can't remember the person's name). Although this tip is not infallible, many students find it useful.
• Utilise information and insights that you've acquired in working through the entire test to go back and answer earlier items that you weren't sure of.

General Tips

• If you are planning to cram for your exam, here are the main tips:
- Make sure that you have learnt the syllabus.
- Try memorising as many definitions as you can. This tends to go hand in hand with learning the syllabus, and once you do both and have a sufficient ability to expand upon your answers from the concepts you have already learnt. Additionally, by memorising the syllabus you are able to plan your Section III and IV responses and ensure that you don’t miss any important dotpoints.
- Think of possible short answer questions exams can ask and write responses to them. The best two ways of doing this is to either answer past paper questions as provided in the link below, or looking at the syllabus and scoping out what kind of short answers they can ask with the dotpoint.
• When making notes, these standards are minimal:
- Follow the syllabus and list any relevant definitions.
- Write down information that you believe that short answers and extended responses could ask.
- Add case study information to syllabus dotpoints that can be potential section IV questions.
• For each topic use acronyms to help you remember key parts of the syllabus. Some examples can be seen in the link below:
Acronym dump!

Recommended textbooks

Creative Business Studies
Business Studies In Action
HSC Business Studies: Getting Better results
Cambridge HSC Business Studies
Qantas: A business case study
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May 18, 2010
Hey, this is great!! thank you, i was wondering with this tip

"tip for studying.. make up a song for each topic using acronyms for like things to remember... then record it with u and ur friends to the tune of a song u know and listen to it over and over.. ull be singing it in ur head in the hsc"

have you made up songs, if so would u be willing to share them :)

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