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CAFS Task 1 - Interview Research Task - SOS!! (1 Viewer)


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Feb 14, 2019
I got given this assignment and i need help coming up with questions! As well as more indepth questions for the evaluation, identifying who would be to interview and someone to help me evaluate the end product as a unbias person.

The Task
1. Students are to construct an interview that contains a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 open-ended questions that will provide in-depth information on well being and the relationship between the factors that affect well being.
The questions will need tp be easy to understand, clear and be placed in an order that flows in a logical manner and uses correct and relevant terminology. The interview will gather information on the following -:
  • a. How individuals describe well being?
  • b. Positive and negative experience of well being and the impact it has had on the individual.
  • c. Analysis of the relationships between the factors and an explanation of how they can impact well being.
2. Students will select a candidate to be the interviewee. It is important when selecting a candidate to choose someone who has some life experience and who will take the interview seriously.
3. Students will conduct the interview with the interviewee.
  • The 8-12 open-ended questions from question 1 will form the basis of the interview. During the interview, the students are required to use these questions as prompts to help collect the information. During the interview, the student should be listening to the interviewee’s responses and then ask further unplanned questions based on their response given to gain a deeper understanding. A good interview should be more like a conversation.
  • The interview needs to include a relevant, clear and concise introduction and conclusion, appropriate and effective phrasing and pacing of questions to obtain relevant in-depth information.
  • Create a comfortable and informal setting/environment.
  • Utilise effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills that allow the question to flow in a similar manner to a conversation.
  • Both the interviewee and the interviewer must be seen during the recording

4. Students are to evaluate the interview and make a clear and valid judgement by providing a reflection on the interview style, technique, structure and skills using correct and relevant terminology. Questions could include:
[*]a. What worked well?
[*]b. What did not work well?
[*]c. What would need to be changed? Why?
[*]d. How successful was the interview setting/environment
[*]e. How successful were you as an interviewer?
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