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Sep 7, 2019
Hi, so I have just gotten all my trial results back and my final report with my final internal marks and rankings.
For the course, I want to get into I need an 85 but I am aiming for anything above 80 at this point.

I go to a school that is ranked in the top 50s, last year ranking 43 and the year before 30 I think.
here are my overall marks and rankings:

English advanced - 67/100 (rank 29/71)
Maths General 2 - 63/100 (rank 19/30) - I flunked my trial exam and this brought me down ALOT throughout the year I was sitting at 75/100 and ranking around 10-15/30
Business Studies - 68/100 (rank 9/15)
Visual Arts - 80/100 (rank 10/15)
Modern History - 60/100 (rank 16/20) - this is the same as maths throughout the year I was getting around 75-80/100 (P.S everyone who does modern at my school is crazy smart so I assume this will bring my mark up due to scaling?)

So, is it still possible to get 80 with these marks - for modern, my teacher believes I will get around band 5 in my HSC and Art is expected to be band 6 if I don't flunk them like I did my trials (which hopefully won't happen because I have been doing SO much to improve)

Looking for some hope and advice!
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