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Clarification on dance major film regarding dancers please help! (1 Viewer)


New Member
Mar 27, 2013
Hey, I'm doing film for my major, but my dance teacher doesn't know what she's doing when she's talking to me about it. Even though it was last year that I told her I'd be doing film, it was only a few days ago I found out I needed two dancers, and they apparently needed to be from my school. I've been researching but I haven't found anything that tells me I'm supposed to use dancers from my school. It's also limiting on me, as there is only one dancer I really feel comfortable in my video, and this is because we dance together at the same dance studio. I don't really think anyone else at my school will really be able to fit in my video.

So I'm hoping my teacher has made a mistake and she's assumed I'll need dancers from school as this is the same for composition. Could anyone help clarify this for me? It's really stressing me out, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and kind of angry that she's taken this long to tell me this.

I also kind of feel like she's just talking at me and giving me a bunch of information that I already or don't need to know. She had a student choose film a few years ago and it was an unsuccessful attempt because the girl didn't gather enough footage, so she seems to be pressuring me about things that I'm already pressured enough about. If anyone has any tips at all I'd appreciate it, and if you could answer my question, thank you so much :)

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