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Jan 10, 2023
Hey everyone,
I am going to be going into year 11 soon and i am wondering if you could tell me what i should expect etc, tips. The subjects im doing is std english, std math, business studies, earth environmental science, sor ii, pdhpe. Please give me tips on the subjects I am doing or anything really.


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Aug 22, 2019
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English Standard naturally imposes higher academic standards when compared to Stage 5 English. You will be studying slightly more complex texts, learning and applying new techniques and techniques that you already know in more sophisticated ways and will also have the opportunity to enhance the quality of your writing beyond your current ability, which is crucial given that a significant part of English Standard requires writing long responses (primarily essays). Favourable performance therefore depends on a number of factors:
  • Your knowledge and understanding of the texts that you study.
  • Your knowledge and ability to apply a range of literary and visual techniques.
  • Your ability to develop good quality responses, particularly essays.
Business Studies in year 11 should not be very difficult. Essentially, the Preliminary course covers three topics, being:
  • Nature of business
  • Business management
  • Business planning
All of these topics provide you with a brief overview of different areas of business, serving as a good introduction and allowing you to gain a solid foundation of knowledge going into year 12, where the HSC course explores specific key business functions in more depth. In ensuring a good start to Business Studies, it would be a good idea to ensure that you understand and regularly revise the content. You should also seek assistance with any concept that you may not fully understand as soon as possible. Additionally, it would be a good idea to learn the syllabus, since this will be useful in terms of helping you remember the content, especially in year 12 (where this will become more significant).

Although I dropped Earth and Environmental Science going into year 12, I still completed the year 11 course. While I may no longer be able to provide content-specific advice given that I am no longer familiar with EES content after many years, I will note the importance of three general elements in ensuring favourable performance:
  • Staying up-to-date with the content.
  • Ensuring that your notes and clear and easy to interpret, as this will ease the process of reviewing the content.
  • Seeking clarification/advice with any concept that you may not feel confident with at the earliest opportunity.
I hope this helps! :D


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Sep 19, 2022
Hey everyone,
I am going to be going into year 11 soon and i am wondering if you could tell me what i should expect etc, tips. The subjects im doing is std english, std math, business studies, earth environmental science, sor ii, pdhpe. Please give me tips on the subjects I am doing or anything really.
I wish you the best of luck for Year 11!
I currently do Studies of Religion II Accelerated so I could tell you a bit about it! Studies of Religion IS NOT a hard subject but it is difficult because of the amount of memorisation of the syllabus, rigorous amounts of writing and it is pretty loaded in content. For SOR, your syllabus is your 'best friend.'

I recommend during the holidays to:
  • Memorise the 'Students learn to:' section of the syllabus so it will be easier for you and try to be familiar with what the religion (such as Buddhism) is incorporated with (such as sacred texts, in this case for Buddhism, the Tripitaka).
  • Create two Google/Word Documents for each topic. Let's say we are doing this for Buddhism, HSC. (I have attached some images of what I am explaining for better comprehension).
    • In the first document, clearly label which topic it is and then write down the outcomes. Next, copy down the "Students learn about," section in the syllabus and create it as "tick boxes." This then allows you to "tick-off" where you are up to in the syllabus, whether you need to fasten your pace with your homework and hint when and what the assessment will be about (you will get thick booklet of when roughly the assessments are). Then, after you do this, copy down the "Students learn to" section in the syllabus and again, create it as "tick boxes." After you have finished learning the content of the "Students learn about," write down the answers (IN DOT POINTS) to the "Students learn to," questions as you will be tested on this and try to memorise this. For easier memorisation, use quizlet/flashcards.
    • In the second document, this will be your classwork. SOR requires a lot of comprehension questions where the answers you give are essentially bits of information you will need to answer in your SOR exams. So, going back to the first document, make you recognise which questions from the classwork are similar to those of the syllabus and to answer it well (prioritise it). This allows you to easily extract it for writing the "Students learn about" answers in dot-points in your first document so it saves you time around exam period.
  • Refine your essay-writing skills
  • Fix your sleep schedule. Since SOR requires a lot of memorisation, good sleep is crucial in order for your brain to function the best.
  • Be disciplined and organise your classwork as well as finishing your homework in time.
  • If you ever have a hand-in assessment/writing in class essay where you have the prompt, get your essay checked up by your teacher at least 2-3 times. I did this for my first SOR HSC exam where I received a booklet to fill out the questions and had to write an essay about census data in class. I started the day where I got the assessment by planning out when I fill out each question, allocate 1.5 weeks to write my essay in time to get it checked up by my teacher and memorise my whole essay in a span of approximately 2 weeks. This allowed me to be ahead of my classmates.
I hope that I gave you some great advice for SOR II and you take it into consideration! I wish you the best and have a fantastic holiday :)


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