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Consumer Assessment-HELPP! (1 Viewer)


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Aug 28, 2009
for this term, we are studying consumers as our option and we have an assessment task due.
the question is: `
Discuss the legal measures in place to protect consumers and evaluate their effectiveness in terms of achieving justice for individuals and society.

in your answer you should refer to the following issues:
  • the regulation of marketing and advertising
  • state regulation and self-regulation for occupational licensing
  • financing a purchase
  • consumer rights (elements of a legally binding contract)
  • terms and conditions of a contract
  • remedying injustice through the role of common law and statute law
  • different types of consumer redress and the processes involved for redress
word limit-2500
word limit for each issue equates to roughly 357 which isnt much.

anyone who can help? due in one week!

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