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Course selection advice please? (1 Viewer)


Aug 7, 2009
Hi. I am currently completing my final year of VCE in a rural school. I have not put in any effort or done any homework so I wont get the ATAR score I am capable of, however am confident saying that I will probably get an ATAR of around 95 or 96. Because I am from a rural area and under-represented school I will most likely be able to get into the courses that I want easily.

The two courses that I am most interested in are Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Information Systems at Monash Uni (double degree), and Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne Uni followed by Master of Information Systems at Melbourne Uni.

Both courses will take approximately the same time to complete and I am wondering which would be more advantageous to me if I wish to be employed in the IT/Business field.

I would like a high paid job eventually but definitely want a high starting salary.

I really don't know what to choose.

To my understanding both courses are very similar. Could anybody help me with the differences between the two? How do employers view these courses compared to each other? Which would you suggest?

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