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Jun 3, 2014
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Convert your ranks into raw marks which you can then paste in the HSC Ninja ATAR (or another suitable) calculator

dan's adhoc linear scaling calc.

how to use:
1. Enter subject label/name in Column F
2. Enter rank in Column G
3. Enter subject size in Column H
3. Enter no of band 6 in Column I
4. Optional: enter unscaled mark into Column J

5. Adjust the values in YELLOW in rows 12 & 13. Generally it is best for schools in top 200, to just leave as is. For some cases, you might want to use different values. These are scale values.

The values in row 12, are the mark cap (max mark considered, yes you can have values exceeding 100).
The values in row 13, are the span/scale used. Typically 40 is a good value to use. i previously used 33, 36, 40, 45, 51 and found that a decreasing values were better for higher performing schools.

6. Turn off relevant scales, for instance by default I turn off scale 107 except for really well performing schools.
To turn off a scale, for a particular subject edit rows 16-21 and use the dropdown and select TRUE.

7. Put adjustments to Q1 (column K) and Q2 values (column L) (Q3 - column N is optional) so that zeroes appear in the following
For Q1, one zero per row in columns X to AD
For Q2, one zero per row in columns AF to AL.
For Q3, leave as is,(columns AN to AT)
(Q1 tends to be positive, Q2 tends to be negative, with exceptions of course, Q3 tends to be left blank, except if one value is close to 0 and the other are equidistant from 0)

You want the minimise the adjustment values otherwise the estimate is less accurate.
Basically in the coloured grids you want black squares :), otherwise the calculation is not valid.

8. Copy the values from Column A into an atar calculator at HSCninja. https://www.hscninja.com/atar-calculator


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