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Jul 28, 2002
What some previous EE2 students had to say about writing a report:

KarmaKitten said:
Rather your report is your reflection statement but not so refined. You can say a lot more in your report and you discuss how your work developed etc etc.
Mine is due at the end of the term I think. We also hand in a draft reflection statement.
MissSavage29 said:
We were given a heets which has some questions u need to answer for the reflection statement so i'll post them and they may help a bit

  • What is teh purpose for which your mw was compsoed
  • What is the audience of your mw? Does ur MW possess multiple audience? OCnsider where you might see it publishd/performed/screened/viewd/read. How might publishing in this arean help you to achieve ur purpose or reach ur intended audience?
  • Explain how your independent investgation has led to teh development of ur conecpts? How has this investigation enhanced ur mw
  • explain how ur concept is/are supported by - struture / - language / - conventions and medium
  • How is ur mw an extension of knowledge, understanding and skills your have developed in the advanced and extension courses in ur 11 & 12?
  • Would u say that ur mw is imaginative, interpretive or anaylitical or combination of these? give reasons
  • how have you realised ur conepts in ur final product
  • Explain how ur mw journal has helped or developed ur process of inquiry and compositon
  • what other composers/ texts have influenced the development of ur mw
  • explain how personal experiences have informed ur mw
  • explain how ur final product is sucessful? what were the processors which led u to this conclusion?

rhapsody_bri said:
investigation includes research, development, brainstorm, evaluation, refinement etc!

glycerine said:
i'm thinking of it as the basis for my reflection statement. i don't have any sample reports, so i'm kind of just looking at what others have done for their rs's and using the sections on research as a model.

pitted said:
its pretty much exactly like the reflection statement i.e. write about your experiences, research, what you have learned, the links to extension and advance english (preliminary and/or HSC).
of course your one may vary, subtitles will help you at least in your first draft but more than likely leave the subtitles in unless they are a requirement.
what you should really do is ask your teacher or at least read your assignment sheet (that is if you have one) since there may be stuff on it that i have no idea.

jhakka said:
If it's any help to anyone, I put my report under the following headings and subheadings:

-Introduction: My Major Work
(a short description of my Major Work)

-Impact of the Journal
(self explanatory)

--Investigation of genre
--Investigation of text types
--Investigation of the writing process
(each should be self explanatory)

(a nice couple of paragraphs talking about how important research is to the development of my major work)

All you really have to do is make research look really great, even if it didn't do much for your work. :D

glycerine said:
i would say, no, don't use subheadings. only because i have yet to see an exemplar reflection statement use them... i think it looks more sophisticated if you can link it all together

zerzillia said:
do it in an organised manner and you should try to cover everything. it's basically all the work you've prepared for your viva and your proposal should help. if you're like me, my proposal is very different from how i see my major work now, so you can discuss the changes and why it is so.

i think a report is slightly different from your reflection statement. reflection statement needs to have that flow which makes it more like a journal entry (on the surface, hahaha.....). said:


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