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Drifting95's Economics and Business Studies raw marks (1 Viewer)


Should i change my DP?
Mar 14, 2012
Point Piper
hey drifting, a little late to the party here. first of all, congratulations on such fantastic marks!

how did you feel your marks in eco reflected your expectations? when you walked out of the exam, and for the following few days, were you feeling like it was an average or even 'meh' effort, or did you know you had done well? or were you ambivalent?
Not too good, i wasn't happy with how i performed to be honest. When i got my marks i was really happy as i was expecting 80s due to my bad peformance, especially in MC and section 4. That being said, if i was pleased with how i went, my mark would've been 95 ish.

I can't complain though, my school didn't even want me to do eco due to poor results in yr 7-10.

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