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English Extension Essay Question Help? (1 Viewer)


Jul 26, 2016
Hi guys,

So we're currently studying modernism for our prelim course, more specifically EE Cummings poems. I'm not sure how to answer this question, and what it's really asking me to do:

'Modernism released us from the constraints of everything that had gone on before with a joyful sense of freedom.'

To what extent do you feel this idea is explored in at least two of EE Cummings poems and one text of your own choosing?
You should show knowledge of the importance of context in your answer.

A few of the prescribed EE Cummings poems are I Sing of Olaf, O SWeet Spontaneous, I Carry Your Heart, and In Just

For the related text, would TS Elliot's poems work well? His structure and techniques seem a lot more traditional though and i'm not sure if his themes (Rhapsody on a Windy Night and The Hollow Men) suit the question? Suggestion are very welcome :)

Thanks in advance!

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